The Quick 10: 10 Works of Post-it Art


Who says you need expensive materials to make art? Other than a somewhat flat surface, all you really need are a few hundred of that denizen of office supply cabinets everywhere: the Post-it Note. The colorful squares are practically screaming to be made into mosaics, aren’t they? More than a few people have certainly thought so – check out these 10 amazing works of art created out of nothing more than paper with a bit of adhesive on the back.

2. A whole living room

. I’d consider this installation art.

3. This piece was done by Illegal Art, a New York public art collaborative. The blank Post-its were carefully placed and strangers stopped to write their To Do lists on the notes. Photo by Lightwerk.

4. Most of us remember how pixel-y video games used to be. Nintendo played on that concept when they promoted the Virtual Console, a way to download the old-school games right to your Wii. Pretty smart.

5. “Mother Creativity” was the winner of a 3M contest to get artists to create something using only their Post-it brand notes. Two teens from Florida won with this entry, which was recreated large-scale in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal using 100,000 sticky notes.

6. It took David Alvarez more than 10,000 notes to create Ray Charles as part of a college art project.

7. Watch a video of this 25-foot Calvin and Hobbes masterpiece going up at Dordt College. It was up for six days before college officials took it down. Boo.

8. Here’s another room – this one covered entirely in white Post-its, which I think gives it a rather eerie quality.

9. This self portrait by David Sieren is amazing.

10. Bergdorf Goodman got into the act with a set of Post-it clowns in their store windows. Creepy.

Photo by misocrazy.

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