The Quick 10: 10 First Magazine Covers


Some magazines have been around so long, we tend to forget there was a time when they were just fledgling start-ups. Check out who appeared on the first covers of these 10 popular magazines still going strong today – some of them are rather surprising.


, whose movie

The Great Gatsby

was coming out soon. Also mentioned in this March, 1974 issue: The Exorcist, Solzhenitsyn, Jim Croce and the Hearsts.


, the retired Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was March 2, 1923.


didn’t start choosing their Person of the Year until 1927, though – the year it went to Charles Lindbergh.


Also mentioned (this will take you back) – Stryper, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Replacements. Hey, it



4. TV Guide: Desi Arnaz Jr. It was 1953, and the U.S. was absolutely crazy for Lucy and Desi’s baby, partially due to the fact that T.V. Lucy was giving birth at almost the exact same time real-life Lucy was.

5. Sports Illustrated: Eddie Matthews of the Milwaukee Braves. This was his first and only cover, unlike Michael Jordan, who holds the record of gracing the cover 56 times so far. The magazine was started by Time patriarch Henry Luce in 1954. “Intellectuals” at Time liked to refer to SI as Jockstrap.


His movie

How I Won the War

was coming out. At the time (that would be 1967), the magazine cover was styled to look like a newspaper.


The first man to ever appear on the cover, however, was Peter Sellers.


who was newly-elected but not-yet inaugurated (it was 1933).


I bet you can guess the year based on those picks… go on, I’ll give you a second… Give up? 1965.


It was February 16, 1990, and she shared the cover with smaller pictures of Nenah Cherry and Zorro.

On the cover of our first issue? Einstein, of course.