The Quick 10: The 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes


Remember how much fun it was to get a new costume for Halloween? It was such a big decision. Apparently a lot of us make the same decision, though – you’ll probably see a variety of these 10 characters on your doorstep this Halloween.

10. Athlete. Football players, soccer players, cheerleaders.

9. Disney princess. Luckily we have a few years before our daughter falls prey to the Disney machine (this coming from a Disney fanatic), but maybe when she does, we can steer her toward the old-school princesses - Snow White was my favorite.

8. Batman. This was on the top adult costumes as well (look for that list tomorrow). I guess you never grow out of some things.

7. Pumpkin. This is one of the most popular infant costumes, because really, what’s cuter than a chubby baby that looks like a giant squash?

6. Star Wars character.

I just happen to know the cutest little Jango Fett...

5. Pirate.

Thanks to Johnny Depp, no doubt, although I think pirates have always been a popular costume.

4. Spiderman.

It’s surprising to me that Spiderman is more popular than Batman, because Bruce Wayne beats Peter Parker at the box office.

The Dark Knight

is the seventh-highest grossing movie of all time while the first


comes in at number 24.

3. Hannah Montana.


2. Witch.

I’m assuming this means the Hermione Granger-type of witch as well as your garden variety warty-nosed, pointy-hatted kind.

1. Princess

(of the non-Disney persuasion). I think if Lydia ever asks to be a princess, I will encourage her toward Elizabeth I. Wouldn’t you be amused if a little girl showed up to your front door in full period regalia instead of the usual cotton candy confection princess dress?

What was your favorite costume as a kid? Were you one of the top 10 costumes? I can put checkmarks beside the Disney Princess and pumpkin costumes. I loved the Snow White costume my mom made, but I also had a pretty sweet unicorn getup she toiled over one year. The worst? A white sweatsuit with black shoe polish dots and a headband with ears on it. I was a Dalmatian (sorry, mom, I know you must have lacked for time that year).