The Quick 10: 10 Fictional People With Twitter Accounts


If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my name is MadameLeota. It comes from a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Disney's Haunted Mansion (Madame Leota is the medium whose head appears in the crystal ball). Because of this, I have stumbled across a bunch of people who Tweet in character as Disney park fixtures - the Yeti from the Matterhorn ride, the Gods from the Tiki Room. But it's not just Disney with characters Tweeting - here are a few of my other fictional favorites.


Sample Tweet: "What. Is there a COPS rerun with you in it tonight? RT @wilw hey, is there anything good on tv tonight?"


Sample Tweet: "Getting in late. Decided to go sit in a dark corner of the bar with a pen, some napkins and an endless glass of Canadian Club."

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder. (She's not fictional, of course, but it's obviously not her Tweeting.)
Sample Tweet: "I'm not taking Carrie trick-or-treating with me anymore if she can't ask for "horehound candy" without snickering."

4. Batman.
Sample Tweet: "Finally got Mr. Freeze locked up again. Half the continent covered in snow, ice. Disrupted flights, travel. Cleanup will be messy."

5. Darth Vader.
Sample Tweet: "I tried going on Undercover Boss a while back, but the breathing gave me away."

6. Edgar Allan Poe, with the same disclaimer as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Sample Tweet: "For the record: I'm not the patron saint of Halloween. The magnitude of my literary brilliance transcends novelty holidays."

7. Frodo Baggins.
Sample Tweet: "Anybody wanna buy a ring? ;)" and "Someday @Danny_DeVito will return to The Shire where he truly belongs."


Sample Tweet: "Avoiding Michael Bay. Get that guy going on about explosions and pyrotechnics and he never shuts up. Tactless, considering my background."


, everyone's favorite never-nude.

Sample Tweet: "Looking forward to a long 3-day Labor Day weekend after a week of thinking about looking for work."

10. Cobra Commander.
Sample Tweet: "While you sit at home in your boxers playing Black Ops I'm methodically dismantling your government."

Do you follow any funny fictional people?