The Quick 10: Bullets? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bullets.


I went to the Nebraska/Colorado game this weekend and had an experience that others only dream of – I got to shoot the hot dog gun. As a society, we’ve apparently become obsessed with shooting things out of guns – from spices to condoms, here are 10 things available in speeding-bullet format (or pseudo speeding-bullet format, in some cases).

1. Hot Dogs.

They’re becoming fairly common at ballparks across America, but Der Wiener Schlinger at Memorial Stadium is pretty famous. From Wikipedia:

Fairbury Brand is famous for their red hot dogs. The color is the color of the famed University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhuskers. At Husker football games, one can buy a Fairbury hot dog or catch a free one fired from the sidelines by a guy carrying "Der Weiner Schlinger"--an air-powered cannon that fires foil-wrapped hot dogs into the stands (it is powerful enough to reach the upper deck).

We happen to know the guy who fires Der Wiener Schlinger, so we got to fire the hot dog gun last weekend. That’s my husband in the picture. He ranks this as #3 on his best life moments ever list.

2. Spices. Should you feel the need to salt-and-pepper your freshly-fired hot dog, this may be the implement for you.
3. Beef Jerky. Popular Mechanics named it their #1 kitchen gadgets you’ll only use once. It may not pack the same punch as traditional guns, but it shoots beef jerky just the same.

4. Booze. We’ve all seen squirt guns containing alcohol, but this one takes getting “shot” to a whole new level. It actually dispenses one ounce of the liquor of your choice, the equivalent of a small shot (also called a pony shot or a short shot).

5. Condoms.

It feels like a Charlie Sheen defense in the making: “I wasn’t pulling a gun on her, officer, it was just my condom holder.”

6. Rubber bands. Seems like a good way to get sent to H.R., but if your officemates have a sense of humor, this gun holds 144 rubber bands, 12 on each barrel. Um, it’s also $400. If you’re decent with woodworking you can purchase the plans for just $30 and make your own. There’s also this one, which is apparently very similar to the gun in the game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. See it in action - it's pretty cool.

7. Pictures

. You could say


is a real point-and-shoot camera.

8. Video.

According to


this one is for police use only.

9. Flowers. Make the ultimate statement by arranging a lovely bouquet in the barrels of a gun – choose between a single shooter or a whole posse of pistols.

10. Vegetables. Pumpkins and potatoes are the usual vegetable violence victims. Pumpkin cannons are not uncommon at pumpkin patches in the fall, and potato guns have become a fun project for physics class. Here’s a pumpkin chunker at work: