Threat Level: Midnight (Or Why There Aren't New Posts Today)


Hey everybody. Last night some readers started getting a scary warning message when they tried to visit our site. We've had our best men on the job since ever since -- and several lesser men, myself included, calling every 20 minutes to ask if it's fixed yet. (People love that.)

We haven't posted anything new since the emails started trickling in, but assuming we can figure out why some browsers have put us on their naughty list, and assuming we can get our name cleared, we've got a stockpile of great stuff we'll be presenting this weekend in an attempt to get back on your good side. So hang tight and I'll have an update later today.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to alert us, and if anyone has some brilliant advice, let us hear it. It honestly hurts my stomach to think something stupid like this could drive away some loyal _flossers.

If you need me, I'll be anxiously pacing around my office waiting for the All Clear.

Update (Saturday, 6:24am):

Not so much of an update as a question—are you still seeing the scary warning messages?

Update (Saturday, 12:58pm):

Thanks for all the understanding comments and emails. We've still got some work to do. It's like we stepped in dog doo and tracked it all around the house before noticing. Sure, we've cleaned it off our sneakers. They're impeccable. But there's still crap all over the carpets. (I have no idea if that analogy makes sense from an IT perspective. I just did that one time, and this ordeal feels remarkably similar.)

Update (Saturday, 11:32pm):

(Don't want to jinx it. Don't want to jinx it. Don't want to jinx it...)