Burpy, Hickey, Chesty and Other Alternate Dwarf Names


Can you name all of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? It's said that the trick to getting them all is to remember that there are two that start with "D," two that start with "S" and three that are emotions - you know, Dizzy, Dippy, Snoopy, Scrappy, Woeful, Wistful and Gloomy.

That's what they could have been named, anyway, if production had gone a bit differently. Disney and co. went through dozens of names before deciding on the seven we know today. Here are a few of them, including interesting characterizations for some.

1. Jumpy: "(voice: Joe Twirp) Excitable. Goosey type. Talks fast. Mixes his words, as "See's aleep in my sled."

2. Deafy: "a happy sort of fellow - he always tries to make clever remarks, but he misinterprets other people's attitudes toward him. He feels, lots of times, that they are saying something about him, or that they have made some remarks, which they haven't at all - he takes exception to the most ridiculous things."

3. Chesty. That's right, Chesty.

4. Hickey.

5. Wheezy: "Stubby. Always behind or last in processions. Fatter and shorter than the rest."

6. Baldy: "(voice: Cliff Arquette) Bashful. Floppy ears. Giggles. Twists buttons. Gets red in the face." I think you can tell that Baldy ended up being Dopey.

7. Gabby.

8. Awful: "The most loveable and interesting of the dwarf characterisations. He steals and drinks and is very dirty. The other dwarfs have impressed on him that he is a soul beyond redemption. This fact he never questions. He feels powerless against the evil in him and accepts his damnation cheerfully" Whoa. Pretty heady stuff for a children's cartoon, no?

9. Tubby.

10. Burpy.

Check out this cool video of the December 21, 1937 premiere at Carthay Circle in Los Angeles. You'll see Marlene Dietrich, Shirley Temple and Walt Disney, among others.