Creepy Home Decor


Shopping online can be fun, even if you're only "window shopping." There's an amazing array of ways to make your home stand out from all the others, or just give your guests a little shiver, with these products worthy of The Addams Family.

Dead Tired Pillows

Dead Tired Pillows are reversible pillow cases with a blood red splatter on one side to rest your head on, and a bloody axe printed on the other side. Now, there's a photo opportunity!

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Oh, it's regular shower gel, just red and packaged in a blood bag! The soap is cherry scented, and the packaging will go well with your Psycho-inspired bathroom decor. There's a rope so you can hang the bag IV-style. Beware -don't confuse your shower soap with your Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion, which comes in a very similar package.

Skull Spoons

Artist Tom Sale, who goes by the name Pinky Diablo creates silver spoons in the shape of skulls. They probably won't hold much soup, but they will hold the attention of anyone who picks one up!

Butcher's Apron

The apron has something most (new) aprons don't -bloody hand prints! Can you think of anything better to wear while hosting your next neighborhood barbecue? The vendor, Spinning Hat, also has an apron with butcher's cutting lines.

Coffin Cabinetry

Bryan, who uses no last name on the internet, is a cabinet maker by trade but also builds coffins and things that look like coffins. The store is called Coffin It Up. There are ready-made items available, such as coffin purses and jewelry, but his forte is custom-designed coffin cabinetry. You have to see the complete custom-designed coffin kitchen he built for a homeowner in Las Vegas!

You Only Live Once Lamp

The You Live Only Once lamp is made of translucent hose in the shape of a noose. Tighten the noose to dim the light, and loosen the knot to brighten the room!

Hangman Light

Along the same lines, this hanging lamp comes complete with a "victim". Designed by Ji-youn Kim, it can shed light in the darkness, but probably won’t make you feel any more secure. Still. what a conversation piece!

Coffin Wall Clock

The Coffin Wall Clock is hand made from white pine and painted black to fit in with your creepy decor. Batteries not included.

Table Unit #3

Designed by Fredrikson Stallard, this coffee table is made of glass and stainless steel. Inside are paint splatters that don't give a clue as to what it represents, but the overall effect is unsettling to the point of creepiness.

Shelves for Life

William Warren designed a set of shelves that can be converted into a coffin when you need one. It comes with instructions for conversion and a brass plate under the bottom shelf which can be inscribed as you please. You can order a pattern to make your own -send him your height and build for custom sizing.

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