The Quick 15: the Forbes Fictional 15


Every year, Forbes analyzes the net worth of really rich people – really rich people who don’t actually exist. In the past, Uncle Sam and Scrooge McDuck have been the highest rollers. Although Scrooge is closing in on the top spot this year, he’s been edged out by a newcomer to the list, a certain vampire making millions from compound interest. Just one of the many benefits of living for centuries, huh?

1. Carlisle Cullen.

Net Worth: $34.1 billion.


points out that not only can he live off of the interest of his fortune, the entire Cullen clan has no need for groceries or health care.

2. Holding strong at #2, we have Scrooge McDuck, $33.5 billion. It’s no surprise – the value of gold just keeps going up. I’m sure those “cash4gold” guys would love to go for a swim in Unca’ Scrooge’s vault.

3. Richie Rich, $11.5 billion. Although he’s down almost a billion from the last list, the world’s richest 10-year-old is doing OK for himself.

4. Tony Stark, $8.8 billion, up nearly a billion from 2009. Tony’s celebrating his extra bil by hanging out with a certain set of reality stars – he was “caught by paparazzi canoodling with all three Kardashian sisters.”

5. Jed Clampett, $7.2 billion. An oilman? C’mon. I’m surprised he’s this far down on the list.

6. Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt, $7 billion. “Former hero now holed up in Antarctic retreat, reportedly developing plan to save the world, in consultation with Bill Gates and Bono.”

7. Bruce Wayne,

$6.5 billion. He’s up a couple of spots this year, no doubt due to the fact that Morgan Freeman has taken over the helm of Wayne Enterprises.

8. The Tooth Fairy.

Net Worth: $3.9 billion. She could have amassed more of a fortune had she not blown through $145 million last year alone, “Mostly in very small cash gifts.”

9. Thurston Howell III, $2.1 billion. It’s pretty impressive that Thurston manages to maintain his wealth from a remote desert island with no means of communication.

10. Sir Topham Hatt, $2 billion. Thomas the Tank Engine fans will recognize Sir Topham Hatt as the Fat Controller.

Rounding out the rest of the 15 are Artemis Fowl, Montgomery Burns, Chuck Bass, Jay Gatsby and Lucille Bluth. My suggestions for the list? Forrest Gump, Navin Johnson from The Jerk, Charles Widmore from Lost and Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future alternate universe where he gets rich from the sports almanac and marries Marty’s mom. Who do you think should make the Fictional 15 in 2011?