Attention Anyone Willing To Do Me a Favor...


To all loyal _flossers (and also new people who just happened to stumble upon this post):

I don't ask you for much,* but today I need to ask a favor.

We're trying to get our trivia game Split Decision into more stores this year. We've had success at Borders and Books-A-Million and Marbles and Powell's and UncommonGoods. Chicago Tribune named Split Decision to their list of "games to help get your party started," and our most famous reader Alyssa Milano gave away 38 copies to people who supported her clean water charity. Now we just need to convince the rest of the toy and book and game stores to stock our game on their shelves.

Here's where you come in.

According to Google Analytics, we welcomed 128,626 absolute unique visitors yesterday. It stands to reason that someone out there either is a game buyer or store owner, or is owed a favor by one. If you or someone you know makes these kinds of game-ordering decisions, would you shoot me an email ( I don't expect the fact that you occasionally visit our website to mean you'll definitely want to sell our game. I'm just asking for a chance to make our case—over email, on the phone, or maybe at the Toy Fair at the Javits Center next month.

If you're not a game buyer and aren't related to one, I'm sorry to bother you with this. Thanks for your support!


* Upon further review, this is a ridiculous statement. I'm always asking for something. Visit our site. Tell your friends about our site. Subscribe to our magazine. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Buy a t-shirt. Come to our Trivia Show. Ignore those scary error messages. I've asked you to tell me what your dream board would be on Jeopardy! and which celebrity you resemble, and I've asked how you would have punished Mike Seaver for his actions in a 1986 episode of Growing Pains. To sum up, I'm a needy guy. Since you're used to being pelted with requests, hopefully you can help me out one more time! Oh, and as of a few minutes ago, Split Decision is now on Twitter, too. With zero followers. Do me a favor...