The Quick 10: 10 Unusual Super Bowl Side Bets


I’m really only interested in football games when a) it's the Iowa State Cyclones or b) I’m participating in the physical_floss Fantasy Football league, getting embarrassed by Jason Plautz two years in a row. But I’m still interested in the Super Bowl as an event. There are the commercials, of course, but I also get a kick out of the prop bets - side bets made on everything from how long it will take to sing the National Anthem to whether the superstitious QB changes gloves at halftime. Here are some of the quirkier ones to mull over for the next week.

1. How long will Christina Aguilera hold the word “brave” at the end of the National Anthem?

Over or under six seconds? Other Xtina-related bets: will she wear a cowboy hat? Will her hair be a color other than blonde?

My guesses: over, no, and no.

2. What will be the color of Gatorade dumped on the head of the winning coach? Yellow, ?clear/water, orange, lime green, red or blue?
My guess: Yellow.

3. Will the Fox announcers say Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews has better hair on TV during the game?

This must be a direct reference on TV comparing the two players’ hair.
My guess: Polamalu, of course.

4. How many times will Fox announcers mention Brett Favre on air during the game? Any taped or past video does not count; the announcers must say “Brett Favre” exactly.
My guess: eight.

5. Will the Dow Jones be up or down the day after the Super Bowl?
My guess: up.

6.Will Fergie be dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at some point during halftime? If she busts out the costume and you said she would, you can make five times your bet.
My guess: No. If she was going to appear in a cheerleading uniform, wouldn’t it be the Miami Dolphins, since she’s a minority investor in the franchise?

7. Will Fox show Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend first (actress Jessica Szohr) or Ben Roethlisberger’s fiancee first (Ashley Harlan)? Odds are on Big Ben’s boo.
My guess: Rodgers’ girlfriend.

8. Will the MVP thank his family, God, coach or teammates first? Or will he thank no one?

My guess: teammates.

9. Will a punt hit the scoreboard during the game? A successful “yes” bet will earn you 10 times your money.
My guess: no.

10. Will Barack Obama pick the Steelers or the Packers to win?
My guess: Steelers.

If you’re like me and don’t care much about the game this year, hopefully these give you a little something else to consider. I think it's fun just to guess.

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