The Quick 10: 10 Versions of Corporate Monopoly (the board game, not the business tactic)


You can find just about any version of Monopoly you want these days - in fact, you can even buy a blank and make your own. Most sports teams seem to have gotten in on the never-ending game, and even pop culture icons like the Beatles, Mario, and the Muppets have special editions. Those kind of make sense, but I find it hard to picture a happy family pulling "Heinz Monopoly" out of the closet for game night. Obviously someone's buying them, though - here are 10 Monopoly versions based on companies.

2. Federal Express. Not only does FedEx have its own Monopoly game, it's on the second edition!

3. General Mills. Buy and trade the Hamburger Helper Mitt, Frankenberry, Count Chocula and all the other famous General Mills characters. Tokens include a Betty Crocker spoon and a Totino's Pizza box.

4. Heinz. The coveted dark blue spaces are both ketchup - the classic glass bottle takes top billing and the squeeze bottle substitutes for Park Place.

5. Marshall Fields. This "must-have game for the Marshall Fields enthusiast" includes squares such as Hinky Dinks, the Walnut Room, Uncle Mistletoe, Cozy Cloud Cottage and the Great Tree.

8. Sun-Maid. Because I can't think of a better match for take-no-prisoners business tactics than dried fruit.

9. Target. Hop around buying different departments using tokens such as Bullseye the dog, a shopping card, a Target credit card or a semi truck. Do you think landing in jail means you were caught shoplifting?

10. BlackBerry. I can't believe we've reached this point with BlackBerries. The tokens are the different phone upgrades over the years (Storm, Pearl, Curve). To be fair, you're not going to find this on the shelves at Walmart - it was released last year to RIM (Research in Motion) employees for the company's 25th anniversary.

'Fess up - what's the weirdest version of Monopoly you own? We own several versions, including the Beatles, Disney Villains and the Nightmare Before Christmas.