Nothing Compares 2 Prince's Fridge


So Minneapolis-based food magazine/blog The Heavy Table came up with a great idea: to take a look inside celebrities' refrigerators. First up: Prince. Although it took them eight months to get a look inside Prince's fridge, they got the scoop*. And, let me tell you, what they found inside that fridge cements Prince's legacy as a musical legend.

So what's inside? Below is an image (by illustrator Andy Sturdevant -- Prince doesn't let photographers inside his house/bunker/blimp). Highlights: eighteen varieties of mustard, homemade kimchi, five pounds of Dunk-a-roos, and more. Each item is accompanied by a brief explanatory interview with Prince, written in his trademark style. Here's my favorite example:

Real maple syrup, one gallon "People say U can't tell the difference, but U know, it's the real deal. It's a cut above. It's about 100 cuts above. This is the only thing that touches my waffles."

Obviously Prince is trying to mess with us here by talking about waffles. Everybody knows Prince loves pancakes.

I'm looking forward to seeing what's in Bob Dylan's fridge. I'll put down cash money that there's some country pie in there -- raspberry, strawberry, lemon, and lime. Actually, what do I care? Regardless of the pie's contents, it'll be country-style, and it'll be there.

* = Please note that Heavy Table posted their tour of Prince's fridge on April 1, 2011.

(Via Uppity Stuff, a very remarkable pop-culture Tumblr.)