The Quick 10: 10 Interesting Prints at Grauman's Chinese Theater


Grauman's Chinese Theater has been entertaining celebs and tourists alike since it opened in 1927. That was the same year stars first had their autographs, handprints and footprints immortalized in the concrete forecourt of the theater as well. It didn't take long for those creative types to start jazzing up the cement squares with more than just their scrawled signatures, though - check out these 10 interesting things forever outlined in front of Grauman's.

1. Ice skating blades:

Sonja Henie

2. Cigars:

Groucho Marx, George Burns

3. Hoofprints:

Tom Mix, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers all made sure their beloved horses got their dues as well.

4. Leg:

Betty Grable

5. Wands:

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. When the

Harry Potter

stars made their impressions in 2007, they brought their wands along for the ride.

6. Noses:

Bob Hope and Jimmy Durante

7. Guns:

Roy Rogers and William S. Hart

8. Knees:

Al Jolson

9. Eye glasses:

Harold Lloyd. He may not exactly be a household name now, but back in the silent film days, Lloyd rivaled Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton in popularity.

10. Braids:

Whoopi Goldberg.

A couple of others: the real footprints (as opposed to just shoeprints) of Sean Connery and Harpo Marx, John Wayne's fist and R2D2's trademarks.

You can see some (though not all) of these as they happened over at this cool Flickr photostream.