Niche Blogs: Something for Everyone


After posting several lists of niche blogs, I found out that "niche blog" is a term used by web publishers to refer to a blog that is created to market advertising to a specific audience. That's not what I was thinking at all! The blogs I love to pass on to you are those with a very specific subject matter, so specific that you have to be impressed at the bounty of content they provide. There might be one here that you'll fall in love with and want to follow.


Bake It In A Cake

is a blog about "cake and cupcakes and all the delicious things you can bake inside of them." Here you will find recipes for combining cake with everything else you like to eat, like candy, pies, fruit, cookies, alcohol, and even other cakes. Shown here is a cupcake with a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup inside.

The tagline for Japanese Snack Reviews is "Telling you more than you need to know about Japanese junk food" This long-running blog is written by an American woman living in Japan. The information is possibly useful and always funny. As a bonus, there are links to other Japan-related blogs and more food review sites. Incidentally, she liked the chocolates pictured here, but they are only available in cold months because they melt.


Stupid Man Commercials highlights the many examples of ads that make a husband or Dad out to be the buffoon. It's a simple but lazy way to make a joke and set up a discussion about a product, which will most likely be bought by women. Yeah, it's been done for decades, but you'd think we would eventually get tired of this sort of advertising in a more enlightened age. The blog has been going for a year now, and shows no signs of running short of material.

Uncle Walter knows a lot about romance novels. Specifically, he finds the worst passages for his blog Uncle Walter's Bad Romance Novel Quotes and the worst artwork for his blog Uncle Walter's Bad Romance Novel Covers.


Statistics is one area that affects everyone, and it would behoove us to know more about how they are collected, analyzed, and manipulated. But math can be dry, even when it's brilliant. Stats With Cats dresses up useful information about statistics with pictures of cats and kittens. Now that is brilliant! Morris here is illustrating the word "aphorism."

Tigers on Surfboards does what it says on the tin. This is actually a blog, although the layout is quite different from the norm and they don't accept comments. What you will see is a tiger on a surfboard. The "previous post" button will take you to more tigers on surfboards.

Anyone who keeps up with mental floss knows how well cats and books go together. Writers and Kitties is a picture blog that archives the relationships of famous authors and their cats. Because all famous authors have cats. Pictured here is Edward Gorey and three cats.

Found Items

Potholes are a conundrum for journalists. They are newsworthy because potholes directly affect the live of local readers or viewers. However, they don't lend themselves to great visuals, which are necessary for newspapers and television broadcasts. So, what do you do? Many news outlets take pictures of potholes with the people they affect. It happens so often that it's become a cliche, and when you see these pictures gathered together, the effect is quite funny! That's what the blog Posing with Potholes is for. See picture after picture of the poor folks who have to deal with these holes day in and day out. You can submit your own personal pothole picture as well.

Old Parked Cars combines vehicles, nostalgia, and found items, which is a winning combination if you ask me.

What I Found at Work Today could have been a very boring blog considering most workplaces, but this blogger works at a thrift store, where really bizarre items come in every day. I had a hard time deciding between this picture of a Harvard/Yale footstool and one of The Fart Game as an illustration for the wonders of this picture blog.


Speaking of work, there are many blogs about specific occupations that you might relate to or else you can expand your horizons by walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Hovering Art Directors speaks to graphic artists, who are intimately familiar with the scene of an art director, company president, or client(s) watching as you work. Sometime they are all there at once. No pressure at all.

Lawyers, judges, and law professors love to tell you what's going on, so there is no scarcity of law blogs. It takes a gimmick to stand out from the crowd, and a really cool gimmick to to draw those outside the profession. Law and the Multiverse has just the ticket. It's curated by two lawyers who apply real-world legal situations to comic book characters. Really! For example, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four) was brought to trial for the annihilation of several planets. No, he didn't do the deeds, but he saved the life of Galactus, "a powerful creature with a nasty habit of devouring inhabited planets." If he hadn't done so, 7 billion Skrulls would still be alive today. How do the laws and trial tactics of the real world differ from the interplanetary trial in the story? Find out from real lawyers!

At ZDoggMD, Dr. ZDogg and Dr. Harry are physicians and comedians who bring you medical advice that you can laugh at, or entertainment that might save your life.

But if you only look at professions other than yours for entertainment, you are missing out on some great stories and information. Midwife for the End-of-Life is written by a hospice nurse. 911 This Better Be Good follows the more interesting parts of an emergency dispatcher's work. And Fosterhood in NYC follows the trials and triumphs of a foster parent in (of course) New York City. All these blogs have touching stories outside your everyday world, but they are part of someone's real life. There are few, if any pictures for privacy purposes.

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