Liberace’s 15 Most Extravagant Possessions


While Liberace’s talents on the ivory keys made him famous, it was his showmanship that made him one of the world's highest-paid entertainers throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies. Here's a look at some of the extravagance that helped make a legend.

1. Singing In Style

You can’t expect someone as extravagant as Liberace to use a regular old microphone can you? He preferred glittering mics like this one.

[Image courtesy of Bobaloo Rox's Flickr stream.]

2. Music That Shined

One of Liberace’s many mirrored pianos, this 1945 nickelodeon piano was adorned with peacock feather designs and rhinestone trim.

[Image courtesy of Ethan Prater's Flickr stream.]

3. A Sparkling Image of Success

This Baldwin grand piano was one of Liberace’s favorites. It was adorned with rhinestones, but, as you can see, it is the mirror plate on the front that really makes it pop.

[Image courtesy of purpletwinkie's Flickr stream.]

4. Keeping It Old School

Liberace didn’t limit his extravagances to modern, custom-made items. This 1885 Pleyel art case grand piano is a perfect example of his vintage properties.

[Image courtesy of rbglasson's Flickr stream.]

5. A Rhinestone Roadster

Liberace loved anything that sparkled, particularly rhinestones. After creating a rhinestone piano and a sparkling sequin suit, the next logical step was obviously creating a roadster to match.

[Images courtesy of rbglasson's Flickr stream and bryanh's Flickr stream.]

6. Mirroring The Road

Liberace loved mirrors just as much as he loved rhinestones, so it was only fitting that he have a mirror-covered Rolls Royce Phantom, adorned with galloping horses, to match his mirrored piano. By the way, check out the awesomely appropriate vanity plate.

[Images courtesy of rbglasson's Flickr stream and CaDeltaFoto's Flickr stream.]

7. The VW/Rolls Royce Crossover

Another mirror-adorned car, this was a VW that was converted into a Rolls Royce by George Barris. Of course, the custom license plate is perfect yet again, reading, "VWRR JR."

[Image courtesy of bryanh's Flickr stream.]

8. All That Glitters

This 1972 custom gold-glittered Bradley fit right in with Liberace’s other outrageous autos. And, of course, it looked great with his matching golden suit.

[Image courtesy of rbglasson's Flickr stream.]

9. Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

There are two Liberace outfits that have become more famous than any others. This star-spangled shorts set, known as “The Drum Major,” is one of them. While you can’t tell from this photo, the arms of the blouse are adorned with fringe, ensuring it didn’t lose any glamor once he dropped the cape.

[Image courtesy of Rodny Dioxin's Flickr stream.]

10. The Drum Major’s Shoes

Not always wanting to wear the boots pictured with his sequined Americana ensemble above, these were another classy option.

[Image courtesy of ~BC~'s Flickr stream.]

11. King Neptune

This is his second-most famous outfit, known as his King Neptune costume. This ensemble weighed an amazing 200 pounds (just imagine how much the heavier fur-covered costumes must have weighed). If you’re wondering how one suit and cape combo could be so heavy, just check out the detail shot showing all the pearls, sequins and other adornments on the fabric.

[Images courtesy of Snarkygurl's Flickr Stream.]

12. A Truly Classy Throne Room

This velveteen toilet served as the guest bathroom for the Valentino Room in Liberace’s Palm Springs Home. Because nothing says class like a throne toilet.

[Image courtesy of Bob's World of Liberace.]

13. Bathing In Style

With its own private chandelier and marble columns, it’s hard to imagine a more opulent bath tub than this one from Liberace’s Las Vegas abode. I have to admit, of all his stuff, this is the one thing I would desperately love to own myself.

[Image courtesy of Bob's World of Liberace.]

14. The Fur The End All Furs

If you thought Princess Diana’s wedding gown had an outrageous train, then you'll appreciate this white llama fur coat with a 16’ train interspersed with rhinestones and sequins.

[Image courtesy of Bob's World of Liberace.]

15. The World’s Largest Rhinestone

After giving so much business to an Austrian rhinestone company, it was only natural for them to give Liberace a little thank you gift—in this case, the world’s largest rhinestone. They broke the mold after presenting it to him.

[Image courtesy of Bob's World of Liberace.]