Awesome Art/Science Installation: Six-Forty by Four-Eighty


You may know "Six-Forty by Four-Eighty" as the pixels dimensions of a VGA monitor. But designers Zigelbaum + Coelho have created an art installation by the same name in which gigantic "pixels" can change colors, animate, interact with fingers (including a completely insane "color copy" feature), and even interact with a remote control. Here's how the designers describe it:

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty is an interactive lighting installation composed of an array of magnetic, physical pixels. Individually, pixel-tiles change their color in response to touch and communicate their state to each other by using a person's body as the conduit for information. When grouped together, the pixel-tiles create patterns and animations that can serve as a tool for customizing our physical spaces. By transposing the pixel from the confines of the screen and into the physical world, focus is drawn to the materiality of computation and new forms for design emerge.

Check it out:

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty from Zigelbaum + Coelho on Vimeo.

After the jump, a time-lapse video showing the installation being assembled and used in a gallery space:

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty: Setup Time-lapse from Zigelbaum + Coelho on Vimeo.

Have You Seen This?

If any of our readers have seen this installation in person, I'd be curious to hear more about it!