Count My Change: We Have a Winner!


Update V (Saturday, 10:08am): Ding ding ding!

It took 507 guesses, but we finally have a winner! At 3:36am, Kayla correctly picked $5.33. She wins a copy of Ransom Riggs' new book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Congrats! We'll wrap up our other outstanding contest and start a new, slightly less ridiculous one later today.

Update IV (Saturday, 12:24am): Still nothing. Everyone can guess again.

Update III (Friday, 2:18pm): Nope. Here's another picture...

Update II (Thursday, 11:12pm): You guys are so close. Two people have gotten within a penny.

Update (Thursday, 4:02pm): Still no winner! If you've already used up your three guesses, you can guess again.

I keep my spare change in an old pretzel jug. On at least



, I've taken pictures of said jug (see above) and asked you guys to guess how much money is inside. Prizes are dangled. Fun times accomplished.

Well, it's time we try this again. If you're the first to guess exactly how much change is in this container (see below), I'll send you a copy of Ransom Riggs' upcoming book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which comes out next week and is getting rave reviews.

So put on your coin-counting pants and let's do this:

Leave your guesses in the comments! (Three guesses per person; guesses must be in separate comments.) I'll announce a winner on Thursday night, or whenever there's a winner to announce. At the same time, we'll also wrap up our 'Coin Your Own Unit of Measurement' contest.

Our next mystery: who's been raiding my pretzel jar? I'd get laughed out of TD Bank's Penny Arcade if I tried to have this counted.