12 Impressive Sci-Fi Quilts


Science fiction fans are a creative bunch, which only makes sense if you think about it. And nothing makes a more personal gift than a handmade quilt that someone you love has poured their time and creativity into in order to display your geeky interests. Here are a dozen such projects.

1. Spock Quilt

You have to stand back a bit to see the pixelated picture of Mr. Spock's face on this quilt by Carol at Fun Threads. The shadow quilt pattern was adapted from a pumpkin carving pattern!

2. Transporter Quilt

The Transporter Beam Quilt from Etsy seller TheAlligatorBride depicts the Star Trek crew, Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk, Engineer Scott, and Mr. Spock beaming down to some alien planet. It's made from recycled fabrics with metallic thread to simulate the special effects of the TV show. Yes, it's for sale!

3. Scotty Quilt

TheAlligatorBride is artist Elliot McNally, who has quite a few Star Trek quilts for sale. They are sized for wall hanging, not bed covering, and are quite intricate. I like this one featuring Scotty, backed by a tartan plaid.

4. Star Trek Quilt

This Star Trek themed quilt is a round robin project, meaning many people worked on it over time. It was posted by Frou, who did the Spock face in the middle. The squiggles along the left say "Live Long and Prosper Michael" in the Klingon language. Michael, Frou's brother, was the ultimate recipient of the quilt.

5. Star Wars Quilt

Sarah wrote about her friend Joan's Star Wars quilt at Sarah Loves Fabric. Joan bought the fabric in 1983, after Return of the Jedi came out. The fabric was stored for years until she finally made the quilt for her now-grown son's "man cave."

6. Lego Star Wars Quilt

Lego Star Wars gives you two of your favorite nerdy pleasures in one! This Lego Star Wars quilt features three characters from the Dark Side: Imperial Guard, Darth Vader, and Jango Fett, but that's who Jodell's son selected to be featured. You can see close up views of the appliqued characters at her site.

7. Star Wars Embroidered Quilt

Craftster Roxy Nova embroidered panels for this Star Wars quilt She started out to make a pillow case only, but as more ideas came, more blocks emerged. She alternated them with blocks cut from a sheet from the movie The Empire Strikes Back. You can see pictures of the individual blocks at Craftster.

8. Doctor Who Quilt

Erika made this Doctor Who quilt covered with daleks and TARDIS booths! She said it was "as cozy as all of space and time".

9. TARDIS Quilt

Also inspired by Doctor Who, DeviantART member EHyde made a quilt featuring a huge TARDIS, which is no doubt even bigger on the inside!

10. Another TARDIS Quilt

Rubberbisquit made a TARDIS quilt with great details, like a complete police sign on the door. She made it queen size as a gift for newlywed friends.

11. Dalek Baby Quilt

Isn't this adorable! Helen made a baby quilt with a dalek from Doctor Who on it for a friend's new baby.

12. Cthulhu Baby Quilt

While we are on baby quilts, that only thing that could possibly be cuter than a dalek on a baby quilt is Cthulhu! DeviantART member jendy-4 made this one featuring a bouncy, happy Cthulhu with balloons, also as a gift for a new baby.

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