BlöödHag: Seattle's Edu-Core Death Metal Library Rockers


BlöödHag is a death metal band from Seattle who perform, among other places, in libraries. Their songs are "Edu-Core," and focus on science fiction authors and literacy -- check out some lyrics here. In fact, what the heck, I'll just quote their classic "Robert A. Heinlein" in its entirety:

Robert A. Heinlein Grok this! Robert A. Heinlein, here's a dis You're a misogynist. Known as the fascist of the Best Seller list As you died in pain. You still had to persist And make sure everybody knew you were pissed Wrote about your great great great great Grandson Only as Larzarus Long could you be that handsome I swear as sure as your middle name is Anson I heard you wrote a favorite book of Charles Manson Starship Troppers. Podkayne of Mars. Time Enough For Love. Time For The Stars. You opened the door they could've followed The future starts the day after tomorrow! H-E-I-N-L-E-I-N H-E-I-N-L-E-I-N It's the day after tomorrow

In the eight-minute mini-documentary below, several of BlöödHag's library performances are shown. It's insane. The performances seem to be a mixture of kids getting excited about reading...and everyone in the library plugging their ears due to the extreme death metal noise-fest. Sample quote from the lead singer: "The basic idea is: show music fans the literary inspirations for their favorite songs, by their favorite heavy metal musicians. And it kinda mutated into the general idea that rock fans need to get smarter. And we're here to do [that]." (We're then shown the band shredding in libraries, touring the stacks pointing out classics, throwing books at fans, and kids plugging their ears.)

As I post this, the documentary has a scant 122 views on YouTube. This is just plain wrong. How can a group of death metal sci-fi library rockers not be ultra famous? Time to fix it, my fellow nerds -- watch the video and be amazed.

Check out their website for more. They released an album called Hell Bent for Letters in 2006 -- you can buy it here.