36 of the Geekiest Tattoos from Comic-Con 2011


There are plenty of geeks at Comic-Con, but only a true fan would get a tattoo of his or her favorite comics, movies or other pop culture icons. Even so, with this many fans in one place, you're bound to find ample awesome geek tattoos.

And find them I did. In fact, I found so many that I couldn't even include all of them here. So these are the best of the best—or at least the best of those I saw at the convention. After all, Comic-Con is huge and there are plenty of people with great tattoos that are covered up with equally delightful costumes.

This first piece was a full sleeve of Marvel characters. As you can see, the outside of his arm is all X Men characters, the heroes on the top and a villain on the bottom.

On the inside of his sleeve is another classic Marvel hero, The Hulk.

The next person's entire right arm is covered in a Spider-Man sleeve. As you can see, he's got the spider logo and hobgoblin on the outside.

On the inside of his arm, the editor of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson Junior, enjoys his cigar as Venom looks on eagerly.

The same gentleman's left arm has an array of other Marvel characters including this pic Iron Man image.

Above that, he has the Phoenix in all of her burning glory.

He also has her alter ego, Jean Grey, prior to her burning up.

At the top of this comic-dedicated masterpiece, he finally has a full-colored Spiderman image and above that is the lovely Black Cat, one of Spiderman's most sexy rivals.

Here's another great superhero sleeve filled with an array of America's favorite heroes, including The Hulk, The Punisher, Wolverine and...

Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, and...

Captain America on the inside. Interestingly, these are all also the stars of some of the most popular comic book movies ever made.

Of course, Comic-Con isn't just about comic books. It's also based around movies and popular culture. This is artist Jon Ascher, a Mental Floss reader who had a booth set up at the convention. His two horror movie sleeves might just be the best I've ever seen.

It contains everything from the Shining, (I'm afraid I don't know what that the one below it is; if you do, please tell me in the comments)...

Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead,...

Ash from Evil Dead, (again, I'm not entirely sure what the one below it is -maybe the monster from Evil Dead?)...

...and then the piece is rounded out with the classic scene from The Exorcist and The Queen of Horror herself, Elvira.

This young man had some of the best geek tattoos of anyone I saw at the convention. My personal favorite was this television brain that has apparently been launched into space.

But this robot with a fish bowl as a head was also delightful.

His only tattoo that had a recognizable source (at least for me—if you know where the others come from, let me know) was this "Ctrl" piece.

This one reminds me of something from an Oingo Boingo album, but I don't think they have any that look exactly like this.

I don't even know how to describe this one, so I guess I'll go with birds shaped like brains with rocket-powered butts.

Tim Burton fans don't need any introduction to the next tattoo. That's right, it's a giant Jack Skellington.

That same Nightmare Before Christmas fan also has an adoration of video games, as evidenced by his Sonic The Hedgehog and Mega Man tattoos.

This next fellow enjoys the Japanese-styled artwork featured in Giant Robot enough to get two of the back covers tattooed on his arms. I really like the giant green swirled background.

But I think the picture on his other arm is even more adorable.

Those weren't his only geeky tattoos, though. He also had this cute and colorful spaceship.

While the colors on this tattoo aren't as vivid as some of the others I've featured, I particularly like this one's extensive linework. It actually looks more like a real comic book page.

The muscle man with this superhero tattoo is a perfect subject for such an underwater icon—after all, he's a professional scuba diving instructor.

I know most of the tattoos here are on men, but you have to remember that females tend to get tattoos in more easily concealed areas. That being said, here's a great tattoo on a woman who obviously has a thing for men with a sense humor.

And he just keeps laughing all day long.

Here's another girl tattoo, again featuring a handsome man.

This Bride of Frankenstein is far more attractive than I remember the traditional monster.

I particularly liked this Creepshow tattoo because it actually looks like a page from the classic horror comic.

Similarly, I love this Judge Dredd tattoo because of the speech bubble with it.

This Alice in Wonderland tattoo is cool in that it isn't limited to the character's traditional appearances. Anyone know who came up with this character design?

Here's another lovely lady's tattoo. This time, a cute little Lenore picture.

Lastly, here's one more great comic tattoo, this time Angela, a sexy valkyrie-styled character from Spawn.

Do any of you have geektastic pop-culture tattoos that would be appropriate for the Comic-Con crowd? If so, be sure to share links to pictures in the comments.

Also, if you happen to know any of the people in the photos, or the artists responsible, then feel free to leave more info in the comments or email me at contact@jillharness.com. I'll be happy to add more information on the artists and the people wearing the ink as it comes in!