How Toilet Paper is Made


Aaron Cohen over at pointed to another awesome How It's Made clip, this time about toilet paper -- a.k.a. "bathroom tissue" (how quaint) or "therapeutic paper" (ahem). Here at the _floss blog, we have a proud tradition of writing about toilet paper; below the video, check out the links for way more than you ever wanted to know about the stuff.

Sample line: "Ever wonder where all that recycled paper goes? Look no further than your bathroom." Um. Please do not look in my bathroom. Most surprising facts: the ink removal system simply uses air to separate dye from pulped paper during the recycling process; and the rolls are actually created as mega-long-rolls then sliced up into the regular width rolls we're used to.

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The Great Toiler Paper Hanging Debate

How do you hang your rolls? Like The Simpsons, I hang mine in an "improper overhand fashion" (such that a sheet is generally visible hanging from the front of the roll). I think I'm in the minority on this one, but then again I don't have any pets or toddlers around to go fiddling with the roll. How about you?