Bo$$ Box


So this mysterious box showed up at the office. It's that time of year when networks and studios send out all their teasers, trying to get people like me to write about the new shows hitting the air this Fall season. The bigger the show, the bigger the budget, the more spent on marketing the show. This box represents the most money I've ever seen put into a new show.

So what's the show? Well, it's called Boss and it premieres on Starz later this month, staring Kelsey Grammer. I haven't watched the pilot yet, but I wanted to show you guys what's in this box, because if the show is anywhere near as formidable as the marketing muscle behind it, we're in for a treat. I'm also going to give you a chance to win this box, which we'll give away to one lucky winner who we'll pluck at random from the comments below. I'll tell you how you can win it at the end of the post. But first, let's go through the box.

Wait, before we get into the box, just look how much money they spent mailing the thing to me! Nearly $6! And you know dozens, if not 100s of these were mailed out.

Opening the box, we can almost smell the money as you first see a beautiful, hard-cover book!

What's under the book? Looks like a DVD, but looks can be deceptive sometimes.

The book turns out to be a full-color intro to the cast, crew, story, settings and production company (Lionsgate).

Inside the DVD case, we do, indeed, find a DVD containing the pilot episode. But there's more! A plastic press card.

What does the press card do? Well, after a few minutes of futzing around with it, I figured out that it's actually a digital press card with a secret USB drive that flips up if pressed just so. On the drive? Sure. All the marketing materials again, this time, presented digitally!

All-in-all, I'd say the mysterious box lives up to the setup. Whether or not the show lives up to the hype, that's not for me to decide. This post is more about giving you guys an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes. And, as promised, the chance to win the contents! So how do you win? Simple: Just leave a comment telling us why you deserve it. In a couple days, we'll pluck one comment at random and e-mail you for your snail mail address. Good luck _flossers and good luck Starz, with your new, big-budget show.