The Case of the Missing Gordon from Sesame Street


Whether you’re watching Sesame Street with a toddler now or were a big fan of Big Bird and friends back when you were a little shaver, no doubt you’re familiar with Gordon.

In one form or another, Gordon Robinson has been around since the show began in 1969. Back then, he was played by Matt Robinson, who just happened to be Holly Robinson-Peete’s father. She was even on the show once (and had a hard time calling him “Gordon” instead of dad). When Robinson left the show in 1972, another actor named Hal Miller took over. Since 1974, however, Gordon has been played by Roscoe Orman.

Though these are the most well-known Gordons, there’s another one out there somewhere: in the unaired Sesame Street pilot that was only ever shown to a test group of children, Gordon was played by a mystery man unknown even to producers and the other actors in the clip below.

The people over at the Street have put out an APB for him. Do you know the man getting funky in this pilot clip? If so, contact - but only after you leave us a comment! The good people over at the Street say they’ll take any tip, even something as vague as, “my great aunt once said that her third cousin was almost on Sesame Street."

Even if you don’t think you know the identity of the mystery Gordon, check out the clip anyway. It’s all kinds of awesome. I mean, Mr. Hooper busts a move.