There's Something Strange About This Picture


Other than the strange fact that Laurel and Hardy are in this classroom picture and that the teachers are so blurry they can't be recognized, do you notice anything strange about this photograph?

Here's the thing—it's not actually a photograph. No, this is instead a creation of artist Paul Chiappe, who specializes in making works that look like blurry vintage photos with nothing more than an ordinary pencil. So how does he do it?

“I tend to work very slowly, to try not to breathe too much when I’m producing the piece so my hand’s not shaking all over the place,” he said in an interview with The Scotsman in 2008, “It’s a very long process. The tiny single heads, you do need a magnifying glass to look at them. Some of them are so small that people can’t even see them using a magnifying glass, but they are actually there.”

To enjoy more of Chiappe's great works, see this fascinating slideshow over on Flavorwire.