"Cosmos" as Choose-Your-Own-Adventure


Accountant and Cosmos aficionado Callum Sutherland has remixed the landmark Carl Sagan documentary Cosmos into a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style video series called Imagination. You have to have Flash installed, and YouTube Annotations enabled for it to work (these are both set up properly by default for most people); once once you've got those going, it's great fun -- you basically watch a re-cut version of Cosmos in bite-sized chunks, with decision points along the way (at the end of each video). While I prefer the original Cosmos to this version, I can see how this interactive flavor will likely bring the documentary to a new audience (ahem, the YouTube Generation). Let's face it, the original Cosmos was so soothing and calm that it might seem sleepy to some audiences; breaking it up into short pieces with some interaction allows viewers to take it in as they wish. Here's how Sutherland describes it:

Let Carl Sagan guide you in a choose-your-own-adventure tour of the universe. Imagination is the season 2 premiere of the Carl Sagan Tribute Series. Built from video and audio from the Ship of the Imagination sequences in Cosmos, Imagination adds a modern touch to the genius of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, while allowing viewers to control their experience. Each tour runs about 20 minutes in length, and there are eight different ways to take the tour - enabling a different experience each time and allowing viewers to explore the Cosmos through the imagination of the late Carl Sagan. Imagination is an educational and speculative tour of the universe - join Carl Sagan for a tour, won't you?


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(Via Milky Way Musings.)