We're on Pinterest!


If you haven't yet heard of Pinterest, it's a relatively new site that acts as a virtual pinboard, with an emphasis on the visual. People use it to save recipes, create inspiration boards, make wish/gift lists, plan for weddings, and more.

Because we enjoy wandering blindly into these social networks and figuring it out as we go, I recently set up an account for us (pinterest.com/mental_floss) and have started building gift guides and "read more" galleries associated with topics we've discussed on the blog, including geeky tattoos and some cool-looking libraries.

We're still not exactly sure how this is going to work. I've put up a bunch of gift guides, pinning items perfect for wordsmiths, bibliophiles, Jane Austen addicts, Harry Potter maniacs, tykes & tots, music mavens, math lovers, and star gazers. We may update some older image-heavy lists with additional photos. Maybe Pinterest is the right place for this to live. Trial and error.

And we want to hear from you, too! If you're active on Pinterest, let us know what things you'd like to see us pinning. Think something's missing? Send me a link at andrea@mentalfloss.com or let us know in the comments.

Also: you don't have to join Pinterest to check our our boards. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed of our pins if you'd like to follow along but not sign up.

Other places you can find us: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and StumbleUpon.

Apparently, this still exists, too.