11 Outrageously Obscure 'West Wing' Characters Who Resurfaced on Twitter


There are some seriously addicted West Wing fans out there, and they’ve taken their fandom to a whole new level: they’re tweeting as characters from the show.

This has been widely reported, and you can follow all of them. And we mean all of them. From the main crew (President Bartlet, Josh, Donna, Leo, Toby, Sam, Danny, CJ, Charlie, Mrs. Landingham), to favorite recurring characters (Amy Gardner, Joey Lucas, Ainsley Hayes, Andrea Wyatt, John Hoynes, Lord John Marbury, Nancy McNally, President Santos, Arnold Vinick, Ellie Bartlet, Simon Donovan, Ginger, Ed and Larry, Mallory, Debbie Fiderer, Bruno Gianelli, Ron Butterfield, Fitzwallace, Cliff Calley, and nearly every journalist to set foot in CJ’s White House Press Room), to some who are slightly more obscure (Elsie Snuffin, Commander Jack Reese, Lou Thornton, Gina Toscano, Albie Duncan, Senator Stackhouse, and Joe Quincy).

But, of course, mental_floss isn’t content with “slightly more obscure,” so we hunted down the most outrageously obscure West Wing Twitter accounts we could find. We were disheartened to discover that no one is currently tweeting as Huck Ziegler, Morton Horn, or Pluie the wolf (though there is this), but there are plenty of accounts out there to please even the most obsessive of fans.

Do you have the kind of passion for fictional governmental policy to follow these folks?

1. @BernardThatch

On the Show: The snooty guy with the British accent who was always making fun of CJ’s taste in accessories. Also the guru in charge of all gifts given to The White House, including that cat statue CJ broke and the Taiwanese flag that caused such a ruckus.

Recent Tweet: “@CJCreggConcanon I've simply not worked up the necessary enthusiasm. But now that you mention it, are you committed to that hairstyle?”

2. @BarryHaskell

On the Show: This is the guy who was invited to the White House because he represented the swing vote on campaign finance reform that Leo and President Bartlet needed to float a ban on soft money contributions. He was fully aware that the president was using the “trappings of the White House” to intimidate him. He really did just want a glass of fruit juice

Recent Tweet: “The idea of someone needing to raise $1Billion to be elected president is a disgrace. #letsregulate”

3. @ChairmanFarad

On the Show: He was the one that invited himself to the summit at Camp David.

Recent Tweet: “I would bet (10 shekels) that most Israelis r equally appalled by Newt’s world view.”

4. @Sen_Gillette

On the Show: Threatens to run against President Bartlet after he uses the State of the Union to announce a bipartisan commission to study the future of entitlement programs.

Recent Tweet: “@VPEricBaker AND SO I WILL Look, anyone who doesn't support the 99% should be thrown out of this country on his ear. And you can quote me.”

5. @VictorCampos01

On the Show: Has an army of California volunteers (and, in theory, Latino voters) at his disposal and gets kind of whiny when the White House doesn’t bend to his will in Seasons 3 and 7.

Recent Tweet: "@ElsieSnuffin @GlenAllenWalken @DonnaMossDaily Am I so obscure that nobody knows who I am? I know Sam .... supposedly." [And...now this account seems to have been deleted.]

6. @Col_Weiskopf

On the Show: The badass guy who flies Air Force One and generally just shows up once or twice a season to look really in-control and smooth.

Recent Tweet: @MCoatsworthHay They're supposed to have a remote destruction system. Not sure what happened there.

7. @WhiteHouseBird

On the Show: This is the bird that was annoying Donna by pecking on Josh’s office window. “Stop it! You’re going to hurt your beak.”

Recent Tweet: "Watching wrinkled people in penguin suits on Josh's tv #nobelprize"

8. @DrAlexMoreau

On the Show: She was the hot Assistant NASA Administrator that takes Josh out into the country to look at the stars and then gives him a crazy expensive telescope.

Only Tweet: “@TobyZiegler did you need something? #MarsOrBustLives"

9. @MCoatsworthHay

On the Show: She's the old woman who cracked CJ up by saying "I'm Marion Coatsworth Hay."

Recent Tweet: “MTV Real World star @Duffy4Congress breaks tax extension impasse. Next, Snooki saves the Eurozone!" (OK, Marion is not really tweeting in character. But it's funny to read the tweets in her voice.)

10. @KennySigns

On the Show: He said what Joey Lucas was thinking.

Tweet That Transitions Into #11: "Whenever I was at the White House. I was always excited to check in on @GailTheThird"

11. @GailTheThird

On the Show: CJ’s pet fish, given to her by Danny Concannon because he mistakenly thought that’s what Josh meant when he said, “She likes goldfish.” She actually likes the cheese crackers.

Recent Tweet: “~~~~~~ > |*THUNK*| #classicgail”