6 Notable Pop Culture-themed Weddings


A wedding is a celebration of the joining of two people who share love, life, and common interests. Many people plan their wedding to reflect their common interests -and if two people can plan a pop culture-themed wedding together and survive, their chances for a lifetime of happiness look pretty good! Here are some notable themed weddings from the past couple of years.

1. Katamari Damacy

For their 2009 wedding, Aidra and Ernest chose a theme based on the Japanese video game Katamari Damacy. See more pictures here.

2. Gundam

T&G Wedding Planners held a contest and gave away a wedding based on the Gundam anime series featuring giant mecha characters. The unnamed couple said their vows at the feet of the 18-meter Gundam that stood over Odaiba island near Tokyo, Japan for a few months in 2009. The bride and groom were avid fans, and even named their baby daughter Sayla after a character in the series!

3. The Flintstones

Ed Robinson and Gayle Watson dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone for their wedding in 2010, but that was just the beginning. Their wedding party and all of the guests dressed as cavemen as well! Image by Guy Harrop.

4. Shrek

In 2009, Christine England and Keith Green had a lovely fairy tale wedding, but it was a fairy tale of royalty, but of ogres. Both spent three hours getting their makeup just right to be wed as Shrek and Fiona from the animated Shrek films. The inspiration was not the groom's last name, as you may have thought, but because the bride thought Keith already looked like Shrek.

5. Super Heroes

When Tony Lucchese and Sarah LaFore married in 2009, he was Superman and she was Wonder Woman. Eighteen months of planning resulted in a super wedding attended by Spider-Man, Aquaman, Flash, The Hulk, and Batman as groomsmen and a group of Amazon warriors as bridesmaids. Image by Amber Waterman/Sun Journal.

6. Superman

Jessica and Jonathan Carroll's wedding in 2011 was an all-out Krypton occasion. Jonathan and all his groomsmen were decked out in formal "super" attire, as well as the father of the bride. Jessica opted for a traditional white gown, but based the wedding decorations on the Batman villain Harley Quinn.

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