9 Crazy, Creepy, and Creative Knit Projects


Maybe you can knit a scarf or a sweater. If so, imagination is the only thing standing between you and these delightfully odd creations. Well, time may be another factor. But isn't it wonderful that some folks have the time, skills, and imagination to create these daringly different knitted works?

1. Eyeballs

Max Alexander does all kinds of creepy knitted sculptures. Some of them are available to buy, like this jar of blood, guts, and eyeballs.

2. Horror Masks

Tracy Widdess at Brutal Knitting knits one-of-a-kind masks and head coverings inspired by science fiction and horror. Many are specially commissioned; others are for sale at her Etsy store.

3. Plarchie

About a year ago, the knitter known as Deadly Knitshade at Whodunnknit knitted an eight-meter-long giant squid from plastic shopping bags! The squid, named Plarchie, is a full-sized replica of Archie, a real giant squid on display at London's Natural History Museum. Plarchie also went to the museum to explore and have his picture made. The artist says:

The last I saw of him Plarchie was headed for Heathrow Airport, his tentacles wrapped firmly around the panic-striken driver of a black taxi cab. Heaven knows what will happen as another of my uncontrolled knits is released upon the world. What calamari catastrophes will he bring about?

Plarchie has become quite a celebrity since he was unveiled.

4. Jackyll + Hyde

You can knit a ski mask or balaclava to keep your face warm, but once the basic shape is done, decorating it can be a blast! Dawn Doran made this head covering called Jackyll + Hyde from organic cotton. If you wear something like this, it would be easy to forget what you look like, at least until someone runs away screaming!

5. Solenodons

More cute than creepy, these little animals may be unfamiliar to you. Kate Wallace made these adorable knit solenodons for the conservation project called The Last Survivors that is working to save the endangered Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) and other threatened species in the Caribbean. They may soon be for sale. Image by Kate Wallace.

6. Shrimp Scampi Scarf

It's dinner! No, it's a scarf! Ashley Gerst knitted shrimp and noodles into a scarf that looks just like a plate of scampi when it's rolled up. It looks like that around your neck, too. And it's for sale at her Etsy shop, where you'll find other knitted food.

7. Monster and Baby

Dawn Finney knitted this stuffed monster that carries its baby right in its mouth! She's got an Etsy shop full of knitted monsters with varying numbers of eyes. Don't miss the Cyclops Potted Plant!


Orata at Feather and Fan made a knit dalek with a zippered compartment in the front, where the Kaled mutant can be seen (and even extracted). The knitting pattern is included.

9. Dissected Frog

Knit one, purl one, and before you know it, you can recreate anything with knitting. Emily Stoneking makes knitted anatomy displays, including the pictured splayed frog that will bring back memories of high school biology class. Lab rats and pigs are also available in her Etsy shop.

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