12 Ways to Give Your Heart


When you really want to symbolize giving your heart to someone you love, you might want to make it as realistic as you can. After all, the real beating heart that provides the lifeblood of your body doesn't look like your everyday love note or valentine. Just be sure the recipient isn't the squeamish type! Still, these gifts are a gesture of the love you feel, while allowing you to keep that crucial organ in your chest where it belongs.

1. Needle-Felted Heart

Once Again Sam is offering a darling hand-crafted needle-felted heart, anatomically correct, of course, at her Etsy store, where you'll also find needle-felted lungs, plants, and monsters.

2. Plush Heart

I Heart Guts toy company has anatomically-correct hearts in a rather friendly-looking plush version that will last for years. This heart is even suitable for children, especially those learning about the body and its organs. But the hearts get creepier as the list continues.

3. Embroidered Handkerchief

You can spend some time and make your own anatomical heart gift, like craftster BeatnikChick, who made this pretty handkerchief with a heart embroidered on it.

4. Cupcakes

The London Dungeon gave out these anatomically-correct cupcakes made by Emmylou Cakehead during their Blood and Guts exhibition on Valentine's Day last year. Photograph by Nathan Pask.

5. Bleeding Cake

Baker Lily Vanilli is offering these Bleeding Heart Cakes in her London Bakery. It's composed of red velvet cake that bleeds a thick sauce of raspberries and black currants. Yummy!

6. Lamp

Your heart can light up the night, especially if it's a lamp! This porcelain lamp, in the shape of a heart, was designed by Lígia Carteiro. Unfortunately, it appears to be sold out. You might someday see one in your cardiologist's office.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is a traditional gift of love! But an anatomically-correct chocolate heart is something different and memorable.

8. Knitted Heart

Craftster PrettyCranium put her heart into this project, and a lot of yarn, too! Her knitted heart has the major veins and arteries all in the right place.

9. Pencil Holder

Here's the way to have your heart right on your lover's desk, as a reminder of your love every work day. And it's a handy holder for pencils, brushes, or flowers.

10. Art Print

Beat Poetry, a print by Dr. Stephen Gaeta, includes typography from an 1809 cardiology text. It contains the symptoms from the diseases of 11 heart patients.

11. Bleeding Gummy Candy

The Giant Bleeding Gummy Heart from ThinkGeek is wild cherry-flavored gummy candy that spurts liquid candy when you bite (or cut) into it! It even comes with an extra vial of "blood," if you want to extend the carnage. It even comes in a butcher's tray, wrapped in cellophane!

12. Bleeding Heart Dessert

The Bleeding Human Heart dessert was part of a Halloween recipe roundup from a few years ago, but it also fits here. This is a gelatin dessert you make yourself! The "blood" inside is made of grenadine and corn syrup. The recipe is yours if you want to make this. The presentation is important; be sure to use a large butcher knife to slice the molded gelatin to achieve the proper flow of blood when serving.

For some more conventional heart-shaped food, see: Sweet Treats and Heart-shaped Meals.