The New Hipster Cities of America?


There's a new-ish blog on the scene here in Austin called Culture Map, which I've been enjoying very much during my stay. The blog actually started in Houston and was so successful there that it's journeyed up to Austin and now has its eyes on spreading into Dallas and beyond. There was a fun post on Culture Map yesterday by a very talented young writer named Lauren Modery who runs her own Austin-centric blog called Hipstercrite, predicting the next big geographic magnets for hipsters—that demographic that everyone loves to hate, even actual hipsters (thus Modery coined the term "hipstercrite"). She writes, "Forget Austin, forget Brooklyn, forget Portland, forget Silver Lake. What are the cities on the verge of hipsterfication right now?"

The answers are sometimes surprising, sometimes not, but always interesting:

1) Chattanooga, Tennessee

2) Asheville, North Carolina

3) Burlington, Vermont

4) Detroit, Michigan


1) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2) Baltimore, Maryland

3) Richmond, Virginia

If you'd like to know why Modery picked these cities, you'll have to read the post. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But I do want to ask you loyal _flossers, especially those living in these cities now: Is she right????? Are these the up-and-coming hotbeds of hipsterville? The comment section is officially open below. Talk amongst yourselves. First person to say "Ugh! I loathe hipsters!" gets the predictable comment badge of the day! :-)