TNG Season 8: The Best Twitter Feed for Star Trek Nerds


If you're a Trek fan, there's an embarrassment of riches for you on Twitter -- you can follow cast members including Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, heck -- even Shatner and Nimoy are tweeting! But while their feeds are great, they're not the best. The best Twitter feed for Trek fans (especially fans of The Next Generation) is a little gem called TNG Season 8 (@TNG_S8). Although it contains only 93 tweets, each is a hilariously fictional "Plot from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation." These TV Guide-style summaries give us a vision of a TNG season that might have been, full of in-jokes for fans of the show. For example:

Enjoy the rest, my fellow nerds.