10 Clever and Creative Crochet Creations


Those in the craft scene know that you can make anything with yarn and crochet hook. The internet has some extremely interesting projects that you'd never associate with yarn crafts -until you see them, that is. Here are ten finished products we're glad someone thought of.

1. Game of Thrones Characters

The House of Stark from the HBO series Game of Thrones is well represented in a crochet collection from the amigurumi artist known as Kati. There are even direwolf puppies included! Unfortunately for all but one person (or two, counting the seller), this set has already been sold, but you can find more marvelous crocheted creations at Luna's Crafts.

2. Carrie Bear

This is just what it appears to be: an anigurumi (or "antigurumi") crocheted teddy bear depicting a crucial scene from the 1976 horror movie Carrie.

Poor Carrie Bear got a very cruel prank played on her at the high school prom, and now she's really steamed and ready for revenge. Will she use her awesome powers of Telekinesis to pull down the jokers' pants? Or maybe put Saran Wrap over their toilet seats? So many choices... but I'm guessing she'll probably just burn the whole school down instead.

What a wonderful prom gift! Made by Shove Mink of Croshame, this bear is available at Etsy.

3. Green Eggs and Ham

Craftster member The Izz crocheted a tribute to the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. Along with pictures of the verdant victuals, she posted a verse about making them.

4. Hannibal Lecter

Beth and her fiance James B collaborated to produce a crocheted Hannibal Lecter with mask, strapped to a handcart, complete with a tiny bottle of chianti. Watch out, you know he's the master of escape!

5. Skull

This skull desk ornament is about 2 inches tall, available in white or gray. It can be used as a finger puppet or a hanging ornament if you prefer. Etsy seller BethToddCreatz also sells the pattern, in case you want to learn to make of bunch of your own.

6. Potted Plants

Planet June designed and crocheted a series of succulent plants and the pots they live in. She researched the plants to make them as accurate as can be. The different species and pot sizes make up several combinations of patterns that you can purchase to make your own. See lots more of them at Planet June.

7. Box of Chocolates

As Forrest Gump's mama always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." However, this crocheted box of chocolates contains no calories whatsoever. Red Heart Yarn offers the pattern for this seasonal treat free to promote crafting and, of course, the sale of yarn.

8. Krampus

The crocheted Krampus is another Croshame creation, this one for Christmas. That sentence should win some kind of award for alliteration! At the site, you'll get a lesson on the history of Krampus plus a view of the rear, showing another misbehaving child in his backpack!

9. Roaches

Crocheted cockroaches? These are actually made by a combination of crochet and knitting. Zuperdzigh made a set of amigurumi roaches and gave some of them away to fans who answered the question, "Why do you want a cockroach?" The simple answer is because they're cute when they're hand-crafted from yarn!

10. Anti-Facial Recognition System

How can you subvert a camera equipped with a facial-recognition system? With crochet! Howie Woo crocheted a mask with a series of detachable facial features that make you look more like a cartoon character than a real, recognizable person.

There's a video at his site that shows how the system might work, in which a camera discovers that Woo is addicted to potato chips and has one outstanding parking ticket.

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