10 of Life's Questions Answered with Flowcharts


Young adults face difficult decisions every day that they must negotiate without the help of parents or the wisdom that comes from experience. But there is help in the form of flowcharts on the internet! Many of these were designed by young adults without the wisdom of experience or help from their parents, so you might want to take them with a grain of salt.

1. What Kind of Roommate Are You?

This is the end point of a flowchart by Caldwell Tanner at College Humor. See the entire chart to determine which category you fall into. You may laugh and say you don't fit into any of these categories, but you recall meeting of lot of people who do, don't you? Or you may have lived with a few of them!

2. Should I Get the Hot New Gadget?

A new phone, computer, game system, etc. is coming out and the internet is all abuzz. Do you take the plunge and become an early adopter, or will you regret that financial sacrifice? Scordit helps you decide with a flowchart that doesn't take into account what the new gadget actually is, but uses experience of previous product releases to give you some wisdom about your decision. Only the beginning of the chart is shown here.

3. What Football Team Should I Root For?

If you are a student, you would, of course, root for your school's team. But school doesn't last forever, and neither does the college football season. Your chosen professional football team should reflect who you are and your lifestyle choices. Paul Caputo and Shea Lewis laid it all out at Interpretation by Design. There are even options here for people who hate football! Click to enlarge the full size version to get a really good look.

4. What Board Game Should We Play?

This flowchart is actually an advertising "infographic," but it speaks the truth about board games. It takes into account who you are playing with and how badly you want to defeat them (among other variables), so if you hate your younger cousins, treat them to a game of Monopoly. See the whole thing here.

5. Can I Go to Work Without Getting Sick?

A winter post from The Awl contains several charts and graphs about catching a cold at work. Can you avoid the illness? This flowchart pretty much sums up the answer as "no." But there's some decent advice amidst the humor about protecting yourself from everyone else's germs.

6. How Can I Lead a Creative Life?

Fast Company presented a flowchart to help you get your creative juices flowing that accompanies their special issue on how to live a creative life. I would add the advice to make the enlarged version of your flowcharts scrollable, but you can download the whole thing and enlarge it from your files if you desire. Only a small portion is shown here, but it should give you the gist of the entire chart.

7. Should I Wear Sweatpants Today?

I looked all over and cannot find the original creator of The College Girl's Guide To Wearing Sweatpants. We can assume the artist is a female who is in or has been to college. I found this informative graphic, however, which relates to the subject well.

8. How Should I Pay the Rent?

Literary inspiration may help here. Brenna Clarke Gray at Book Riot graphed how heroines from young adult literature would approach the task of paying rent. Shown is the flowchart of The Hunger Games' heroine Katniss Everdeen. You'll also find rent payment procedures from Anne of Green Gables, Hermione from the Harry Potter books, and Bella from Twilight.

9. Do I Have to Wake Up Yet?

The very first decision you make every day can be a difficult one! Susanna Wolff at College Humor helps with a flowchart balancing your need for sleep against the reasons you might actually have to get out of bed.

10. Do I Want to Do This?

Nerve published a collection of funny flowcharts, many of which we have posted here over the years, but this one pretty much sums up every other question in life. Like the old adage tells us, good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.

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