10 Clever Dalek Mashups


The evil exterminating machines from the Doctor Who universe are extremely versatile. The simple yet very recognizable shape of a dalek lends itself to insertion into other, non-Doctor worlds. And that is just what artists all over are doing!

1. Sailor Moon

DeviantART member Dezychan put daleks into the most random mashup she could think of, the Japanese anime world of Sailor Moon.

2. Tiki

TIki!Dalek /

Livejournal member kproche of Twisted Image built an award-winning Tiki Dalek! Called TDK, he has been the center of attention at various science fiction, Doctor Who, and robot conventions. It talks, too! You can follow the adventures of TDK from the beginning in this series of posts. Photograph by Flickr user emilyooo.

3. Hello Kitty

Hello Dalek
Hello Dalek /

Joseph Senior dressed up the murderous, unfeeling dalek with the ultra-cute and ultra-harmless Hello Kitty! The bow really makes it. If the pink-and-purple killing machine were available in stores, every little girl would want one. Photograph by Flickr user yodaflicker.

4. Alice in Wonderland

The Daily Dalek has some wonderful mashup cartoons putting daleks in their place, and in everyone else's place, too. I particularly like daleks as the heart cards from Alice in Wonderland.

5. My Little Pony

DeviantART member XFizzle calls this design My Little Dalek: Extermination is Magic. Isn't it adorable? You can get this design on a t-shirt.

6. Dalek Bunny

Artist Lea Hernandez painted a watercolor of a cute bunny dalek by request. Prints are available at her Etsy shop DivaLea.

7. Words

Untitled /

Tomasz Stasiuk made a typographical dalek using words that daleks use, such as "destroy," "obey," and "death." Is it poetry? Maybe if you're a dalek fan! You can see the image much larger at Flickr.

8. Star Trek

As Doctor Who teams up with the Away Team to battle Klingons, daleks back up Klingon Warbirds in this mashup by DeviantART member Summerset.

9. Star Wars

It's love at first sight! A dalek discovers the dashing R2D2 in this delightful t-shirt design by DeviantART member mattcantdraw.

10. Vampire

There are vampire versions of almost every pop culture figure; why not a dalek? This is a pattern for a counted cross stitch project by Robin Hobbs. Instead of the usual "Exterminate!" this one is yelling "Exsanguinate!" Get yours at Etsy shop robinsdesign. Or just go there to see other pictures of what the finished product would look like.

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