14 Creative Divorce Cakes


We've discussed geeky wedding invitations, wedding dresses, and wedding photos. But with so many marriages not lasting forever, the market for "divorce cakes" is alive and well.

1. Don’t Slip, Dear

This cake, by Artisan Cake Company, so closely reflects a traditional wedding cake, only it is in black and the groom seems to have had an “accident.”

2. The Tumbling Bride

It’s not just the ladies wishing ill on their exes. Here’s the gender-swapped version of the scenario in the last cake, featuring a “Congratulations on your Divorce” banner. This creation is by Flickr user doroc.

3. Sinking in Vegas

For those who barely escaped the choppy waves of a wedding officiated by Elvis, this cake by Flickr user TheTopping is a perfect choice.

4. A Steampunk Celebration

There are plenty of steampunk wedding cakes out there, so it’s only logical that at least a few divorce cakes are adorned in this highly stylized manner. This particular design by Cakes by No More Tiers even has a fun steampunk-esque message, “Time’s up…. full steam ahead.”

5. Back Stabbing

What do you do when someone has broken your heart? If your answer is “cut theirs out,” then you might want to ask Pink Rose Cakes to recreate this lovely design for you if you ever get a divorce.

6. Burning Witch

This design by Alliance Bakery is quite possibly the most suiting creation ever for all the gents who refer to their ex as a “serious witch.”

7. Ding Dong the Psycho is Gone

Here’s another play on the “witch” title, although this one, by Gigi’s Cake Boutique, seems strikingly more cheerful.

8. Skinned Alive

While many divorce cakes are dark, this one, by Aurora Cakes, is the most diabolical I’ve seen yet.

9. The Relationship Cemetery

If your love is completely dead, maybe it’s time you hold a funeral for it. If you’re wondering where to get a perfect mini-cemetery like this one, well, you’d better head over to Elite Cake Creations.

10. Wonder Woman at a Funeral

On this cake by Cakes by Brown Suga’, Wonder Woman is casually pondering the wonderful things the future now holds.

11. Taking the Garbage Out

The groom is thrown out with the garbage in this cake by Elite Cake Creations, the same company that made the wedding ring cemetery above.

12. What Was Yours Is Mine

If you’re the type to gloat over what you got in a divorce, then this cake by ABC Cake Shop and Bakery is perfect for your Divorce Day.

13. His and Not His

Here’s another one where the wife was more than happy to show off her newly acquired assets, this time by Shyndigz Catering. At least the husband got to keep his pizza shop.

14. Made from Divorce Papers

While all the other cakes on this list are actually edible, this one is just an art piece. Even so, Kate Thomas’ idea to use her actual divorce papers to create a paper cake sculpture was certainly a creative way to immortalize the event.
* * *
Has anyone ever eaten any divorce cake?