GALAXY: A Party That Combines Art, Science, Technology, and Storytelling


Do you like art, science, and parties? If you do, you live in Los Angeles, and you have some time tomorrow, you might want to check out GALAXY. Thrown by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA, the event is billed as a 15,000 square foot "ultimate cosmic playground" that incorporates augmented reality, art installations, presentations by The Planetary Society and the Science Channel’s Through the Wormhole, cool prizes (including a zombie shark!), a skype Q&A session with Bill Nye, and, of course, a full bar.

“The event is a continuation of our annual art installation party,” says Negin Singh, Artistic Director. Last year, cARTel commissioned 10 artists to create a giant, interactive childhood fort. Since this year marks the organization’s fifth anniversary, “we wanted to reflect on the future and the unknown, and talk not only about where we're going as a company, or a community, but as an entire planet as well.”

To do that, cARTel asked 15 artists to create their own planets that visitors can interact with. You can hear the artists talk about what inspired their new worlds in the video below.

GALAXY's goal, Singh says, isn't just fun—she wants to challenge visitors to participate and be curious. “We want people to come have fun, drink, and dance, but we also want them to ask questions, to touch, smell, see the installations, and reflect on their own thoughts for the future,” she says. “To go up to Planetary Society's booth or Through the Wormhole's booth and sign up for seminars on science and technology. We all need to make a conscious effort to be more plugged in to the amazing advances we've made as a human race, and we hope that GALAXY can help inspire and thrill people about how far we've come, and where we're all going.”

Unfortunately, I live in New York and can’t attend, but if any of you flossers go, tell us all about it in the comments!