15 More Quirky Menorahs


Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown. Wanna lighten up the Festival of Lights? Check out these 15 funny, unique, and just plain geeky menorahs.

1. Circuit Board Menorah

Image via Green Diary

Got a few old circuit boards lying around?  Happy Hanukkah 2.0!

2. Menorah-saurus

Image via Masterpiece Online

Guaranteed to burn bright for 8 nights ... or until extinction.

3. Trilobite Menorah

Image via

This one's a big hit with Jewish paleontologists.

4. Car Menorah

Image via

Let your holiday spirit drive you.

5. Godzilla Menorah

Image via

The item description says it all: "Godzilla is angry. Godzilla wants to destroy the city. But since it is Hanukkah, he will only destroy one building a night ... although he really wants to crush that yellow bus first."

6. Dachshund Menorah

Image via Jonathan Adler

Lemme guess. This is a Hebrew National weenie dog?

7. Tea Set Menorah

Image via

This menorah upcycles your bubbe's vintage saucer, creamer, and teaspoons.

8. Scooter Menorah

Image via

Has menorah, will travel. But not at the same time.

9. Crocheted Menorah

Image via

Warning: Now even more flammable.

10. Book Menorah

Image via

Turn any book into an essential Jewish text.

11. Jim Morrison Menorah

Image via Etsy

Hello. You're Jewish. Won't you light up a flame?

12. Challah Menorah

Image via

Have your Hanukkah and eat it, too.

13. Arty Menorah

Image via

Classic meets contemporary in this piece by an Israeli design firm. We think it's to DIY for.

14. Wine Bottle Menorah

Image via Geek.com

Water to wine, wine cork to menorah. Not so different.

15. Star Wars Menorah

Image via Walyou

Princess Leia's Jewish, too.