Now You Can Buy All 721 Super Nintendo Games


Need a gift for that ultimate Super Nintendo fan you know? Look no further than this ebay listing, which contains all 721 SNES games ever made for the United States, Mexico, and Canada, for a mere $24,999.

In a post on Reddit three days ago, the Ohio-based seller said that collecting the set, which includes boxes for every game and manuals for 605 of the titles, took three years. "From scouring every used game store in my home state, to bartering purchases from dozens of vendors online, to enlisting the help of everyone willing to search around their areas to find things for me, to donations of items that are impossible to find for sale anywhere, to hundreds upon hundreds of hours cleaning and polishing everything. I've never seen a set this complete before, and it's unlikely another one will ever surface.” The seller, who goes by byuu, compiled the set to create scans, which are now appearing on

The set does not include not for retail and unlicensed games, and was built from individual sales, "so conditions range from near mint to fair. I took pains to spend more on better conditions for the more prized pieces of the collection," the seller writes. The games have been professionally cleaned and tested, and according to the seller, work perfectly; 100 percent of the profits from this sale will allow the seller to do the same for the European and Japanese SNES sets next. And if $24,999 is a little steep for you, don’t worry: The seller is willing to negotiate.

This sale obviously makes me wonder: What SNES game from this list would you kill to get your hands on? (I'd personally like to try my hand at Home Alone again.)