10 Cocktails Inspired by Pop Culture

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Have you ever wanted to drink just like your favorite book, TV, movie or video game character, or at least drink a cocktail inspired by them? Well, good news. Thanks to the creativity and goofiness of many amateur mixologists, now you can, and here are some of the best cocktails based exclusively on pop culture icons.

Special thanks to The Drunken Moogle, which specializes in pop culture cocktails.

1. Harry Potter

While the Harry Potter series might be written for kids and young adults, there are enough references to Butterbeer and Firewhiskey that plenty of adult fans were inspired to create their own versions of the drinks. In fact, there just might be more butterbeer recipes out there than there are for any other drink inspired by a fictional series. While the books don’t make it clear whether butterbeer has a low-level alcoholic content or if it’s just named like root beer, if you’re looking for a real cocktail, the most delicious option might be the butterscotch schnapps, cream soda and whipped cream concoction found on Little Pink Blog.

Little Pink Blog has a whole series of Harry Potter cocktails, including drinks inspired by Hermione, Lord Voldemort, Sirius Black, and The Golden Snitch, but the most visually impressive by far is the Goblet of Fire, which contains vodka, blue Curacao, lemonade, Bacardi 151 and a pinch of cinnamon and is served flaming.

2. The Avengers

After the movie came out last summer, dozens of drink recipes appeared online based on the characters. One of the most comprehensive sets was created by Lily Mitchell and Paul Harasiwka of The More I Arty. Of the entire series, the most fitting cocktail was the God of Thunder based on Thor, which is comprised of mead, Lillehammer and lingonberry vodka.

Comic site MegaCynics also created a number of Avengers creations, with The Hulk being the most impressive. The drink starts with a Bruce Banner (1 part vanilla vodka and 4 parts club soda) and then a gamma bomb (3 drops green food coloring and one ounce of any alcohol you prefer) is dropped in the cup to create a Hulk.

3. Pokemon

If you’re into Pokemon, then you already know that they can evolve into stronger versions when they gain enough experience. So it only makes sense that their cocktails would do the same. The Drunken Moogle has three such Pokemon recipes: a Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard; a Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu; and a Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise. Of the three though, the Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise seems the most appropriate, as each evolved level still contains the ingredients from its previous incarnation—they just keep getting stronger as they go.

4. Final Fantasy

With 14 Final Fantasy games on the market, it’s no wonder that the series has inspired so many drinks. In fact, The Drunken Moogle has 24 drinks in their archives based on the games. Unsurprisingly, many of the cocktails are based on Final Fantasy VII, which remains one of the most adored games in the series. If you want to engage in your own Final Fantasy fantasy world, you might try the Phoenix Down (above), which contains absinthe, zwack, simple syrup, grenadine and club soda.

5. Mario Bros

Similarly, Mario’s long-standing success has ensured the series has inspired its own line of cocktails. In fact, when Denmark’s Scrollbar held a Mario-themed night, they invented ten new drinks specifically for the occasion. In fact, the Yoshi (Apple Pucker, Melon Bols, lime juice and apple juice) was so popular that it was even added to their regular menu. Of course, the 1-Up shot might not have been as tasty as the Yoshi, but with white and green frosting, it certainly stole the show when it came to appearance.

If you’re looking for a seasonal geek-themed cocktail, you might want to try Yoshi’s Eggnog, which looks like Yoshi’s egg and tastes like sweet, boozy eggnog goodness.

6. Breaking Bad

Love Breaking Bad but don’t actually want to develop a meth habit just to intoxicate yourself in a fitting style? Then try a Blue Sky or a Heisenberg. The Blue Sky (above) is more appropriate for the “Crystal Blue Persuasion” aspect as the cotton candy vodka, UV Blue and Sprite blend provide a flavor and color that are more authentic. On the other hand, the Heisenberg looks cooler since it’s made with dry ice and served in an Erlenmeyer Flask, even if it is essentially just a gin and tonic with food coloring.

7. Lost

If you like incorporating dry ice into your cocktails, then you might just enjoy this Lost-themed Smoke Monster made with Sprite, mint, vodka, food coloring and, of course, dry ice.

8. Pulp Fiction

If you really want to scare your guests with your presentation, then try this Adrenaline Shot that is sure to freak out the more squeamish attendees at your next party. Of course, for those brave enough to try it, the Redbull, cherry vodka and Amaretto concoction will be a pleasing surprise that will give the guests a little shot of energy as well.

9. Resident Evil

For zombie-lovers who are also big into style and presentation, The Drunken Moogle’s drinks based on Resident Evil are a great option. Their T Virus and T Virus Antidote (above) are both basic shots with a flavored Twizzler twisted in the glass to resemble their namesakes in the game.

If you get injured while fighting the infected, you can always try to cure yourself by mixing some colored herbs together into a tasty, and pretty, shot. In this case, the red herb is made from grenadine and 5 Hour Energy; the green herb includes Midori and Green Apple Pucker and the yellow shot features gold rum and honey bourbon.

10. How I Met Your Mother

If you want a cocktail that is actually mentioned in a series, even if the writers presumably believed no one would ever actually make it, then try the Thankstini, which combines cranberry juice, potato vodka, and bullion in order to create a drink that tastes “just like a turkey dinner.” According to The Campus Companion, the flavor isn’t actually that bad, since the bullion just gives the cosmo a little splash of salt flavor.

Personally, I’m a bit of a lightweight, so if I was going to indulge in any of these, it would probably be the butterbeer or Yoshi’s eggnog since they seem the least intoxicating. But for those of you who are bigger drinkers, which of these cocktails would you prefer? Or, do you have any of your own pop culture cocktail recipes you’d like to share?