So We Made Some Changes to the Site


Not sure if anyone noticed, but we've made some changes around here. Figured we'd at least get a letter or two.

I kid! Since we rolled out the new site on Friday, we've been flooded with emails and comments. Most were constructive and polite. Some were constructive and hostile. And a select few I wouldn't be allowed to reprint. If I haven't responded to your email yet it's because I can't type very fast.

You made some very good points. Let's go over the common threads:

Where's the Morning Links/Brain Game/Daily Morning Quiz?

In the next few days, you'll see a box in the right-hand column on the homepage called Daily Floss. Inside will be links to the latest Morning Cup of Links, Brain Game, and 5 Questions. They'll also appear in the list of headlines on the homepage.

What's this link to "The Knowledge Feed" in the navigation?

That'll lead to a page kinda like this, except The Knowledge Feed will give you the first few sentences of each story in reverse chronological order. More like the old "Blogs" page.

How do you decide what goes in "Buzzing"?

When stories from our archives become popular on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, or Reddit, they'll be featured here. They could be recent stories that have fallen off the homepage or classics from our greatest hits album.

Let's say my power goes out for a week. I'll need to conserve my phone battery for emergencies, so I can't get my daily dose of mental_floss. When the lights come back on and I want to go back and read everything I missed, how will I do that?

There are no generators where you live? You don't have a second phone solely for _flossing? OK, you'll be able to keep hitting that "Load More" button for forever and keep seeing older posts. This will work in the homepage or in The Knowledge Feed.

Wait, what's going on with that "Load More" bar? It's not loading anything more on my phone.

If this isn't working for you, could you leave a comment with your browser/operating system/device? Also: An actual mobile version is launching soon, if you like mobile versions of things.

Change it back.

Give it a chance!

Why did you cut off your RSS feed?

Sorry about that. It was not intentional. We'll fix.

I just took a quiz and the average score was 760%. What equation are you math wizards using?

x = I have no idea what's happening. It's on the list.

Why isn't the 5 Question quiz on one page, like it always was?

That's something else we're trying to fix. It's not as easy a fix as I thought it would be (apologies to the people I told "it's an easy fix!"), but it's also on the list.

Who is this "we"? You and I were in Computer Science 1 together and you are not a programmer.

John and Marty are working around the clock to address everything we're talking about here, plus a host of behind-the-scenes issues. I wish there were three Johns and three Martys. Maybe some of them could get some sleep then.

Did you get angry emails the last time you redesigned the site?

Yes we did. And the time before that.

Why is there a picture of your daughters up there?

Because I'm not very photogenic. Charlotte and Katie have a new brother or sister on the way next month. When he or she arrives I'm going to disappear for a while. The site won't miss a beat, but we needed to work out the kinks before that happens. Thanks for your patience and your emails. I really think you'll grow to like this

If your issue wasn't touched on here, leave a comment, send me a note (, or tweet @EnglishJason.

Oh, and there's a quirk with the timestamp function, so I'll go ahead and publish the Brain Game and Morning Links right now. They'll be there when you wake up.