23 Vintage Photos of People Having Fun in the Snow

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It's cold outside, so get cozy and enjoy these historical photos of snow day shenanigans. Who knows—maybe they'll inspire you to bundle up, venture out, and have some fun.

1888: A stereoscopic show of kids building a snowman in Niagara Falls, New York. Library of Congress.

1900: Sledding in Central Park. Library of Congress.

1901: Milton Wright, Ivonette Wright, and Leontine Wright,  children of Lorin Wright, and nephew and nieces of Wilbur and Orville Wright, pose for a snowy shot. Library of Congress.

1909: Senate pages have a snowball fight in Washington, D.C. Library of Congress.

1909: Irish explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and two members of his expedition team beside a Union Jack within 111 miles of the South Pole, a record feat. Getty Images.

1909: Boys in Washington, D.C. cleaning off the ice so they can skate. Library of Congress.

1909: Taking a sleigh ride. Library of Congress.

1914: A woman's skirt billows out as she pirouettes on a frozen lake in a park in Berlin. Getty Images.

1915: Mr. Harry Gooch's ice yacht. Getty Images.

1915: Sledding in New York City's Central Park. Library of Congress.

1923: Two jazz musicians slide downhill on a sledge carrying their instruments: a drum and a trumpet. Getty Images.

1926: Jimmy Botterell of London and companions, dressed in striped suits and top hats, on a bobsleigh at St. Moritz. Getty Images.

1931: A group of gents enjoy an impromptu snowball fight in the serene and stately setting of a still and snow covered Trafalgar Square, London. Getty Images

1935: A goalkeeper gets ready to play hockey. Getty Images.

1935: A group of Manchester Brownies from Manchester, New Hampshire, sitting on a sledge, dressed in swimming costumes. They enjoy their winter sports best when clad only in bathing suits. Getty Images.

1937: A 'mishap' on the 'toboggan run' on snow covered Hampstead Heath, London. Getty Images

1937: A farmer, who is bringing food supplies to animals in snow-covered fields, stops to play with two lambs and their mother, on his farm at Rumney, near Cardiff, Wales. Getty Images

1940: Boys build a snowman in Norwich, Conn. Library of Congress.

1942: Boys sledding in North Dakota. Library of Congress.

1955: Students at Plymouth State Teachers College, New Hampshire, square dance in their 'raquettes', or snow shoes. Getty Images

1965: The Beatles experiment with a toboggan while on holiday, Obertauern, Austria. Paul McCartney sits in front, John Lennon behind him, and George Harrison brings up the rear. Ringo Starr has fallen off the back. (And yes, that's them at the top of the post, too, goofing around in Washington, D.C. before a concert in 1964.) Getty Images.

1968: Two nuns from the Missionaries of Nazareth enjoying a downhill sledge ride near the Costa Brave in Nuria, Gerona, Spain. Getty Images.