Every "One More Thing" from Steve Jobs

YouTube / Every Steve Jobs Video
YouTube / Every Steve Jobs Video / YouTube / Every Steve Jobs Video

Had he lived, today Steve Jobs would have turned 58. The co-founder of Apple Inc. was legendary for his showmanship, his over-the-top brashness, and, of course, a string of hit products.

While introducing products at various speeches, Jobs had a goofy gimmick that was frankly a lot of fun. Known to Apple fans as the "one more thing," Jobs would appear to conclude the speech, then say, "Oh yeah, there's one more thing," then proceed to introduce the real star of the show. Sometimes these products turned out to be extremely important (ahem, the iPod for Windows, the MacBook Pro, TV shows and movies on iTunes) and sometimes they were turkeys (the Power Mac G4 Cube, the U2 Special Edition iPod, a video camera for the iPod nano). In one notable speech in 2006, Jobs included three "one more things" in one event (though one was just a live performance by John Legend).

In this video from the slightly-over-the-top Every Steve Jobs Video site, we see every instance of SJ's "One More Thing" introductions from 1999 through 2011. There's a list of them on the site, in case video is not your thing.

Sit back and watch all the "one more things," made slightly bittersweet knowing there will never be another "one more thing." Happy birthday, Steve.