11 More Geeky Engagement and Wedding Rings

DeviantArt user dragonslorefury
DeviantArt user dragonslorefury / DeviantArt user dragonslorefury

We may have already featured some great geeky engagement and wedding rings in the past, but with geek marriages happening every day, fantastically nerdy rings are going to keep popping up. Here are a few more fun nerdy wedding and engagement rings.

1. “I Love You” “I Know”

While the lines might not be the most romantic, they do make up one of the most famous sci-fi love quotes ever spoken. These matching wedding rings by Spiffing Jewelry are a great idea for any Star Wars obsessed couple.

2. R2D2

CustomMade created this gorgeous R2D2 engagement ring for Joe, a tattoo artist and graphic designer in New Jersey. Joe proposed on Halloween while he and his bride-to-be were dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy.

3. The Stargate

Wedding Bands Design constructed this white gold Stargate wedding band so the inner band can rotate within the outer “gate” area.

4. A DHD

In the Stargate universe, a DHD, or “Dial Home Device,” works in conjunction with the Stargate. This ring is also by Wedding Bands Design. Isn’t it so fitting that the wife’s ring is designed like the controller of the man’s ring?

5. Triforce

There are plenty of Zelda-inspired rings out there, in part because the Triforce is so easy to put in jewelry form, but the decision to inscribe these rings by Zolt Szekely with the game’s most famous quote is what makes them stand out from the rest.

6. D10

Has someone scored a critical hit on your heart? Then why not show them with a special engagement ring like this D10 design by DeviantArt user dragonslorefury.

7. D20

Are you more of a classic D&D fan? Then the dice on your ring should prove it. Offbeat Bride contributor Babelglyph proposed to her girlfriend with this ring after a riveting session of the game.

8. DNA

Want to tell your lover that they now make up a part of you? Then say it with DNA jewelry from K. Brunini Jewels.

9. PlayStation

At first glance, DeviantArt user Strange-1’s engagement ring doesn’t look all that geeky. But upon closer inspection, you'll notice that the small jewels around the diamond are colored and inlaid the same way as the PlayStation’s controllers, making it the perfect ring for a gamer gal like her.

10. Constellation

Is your love your entire universe? Then tell your special someone that they are the stars in your sky with this gorgeous constellation ring by Turtle Love Company.

11. USB

This special, non-functional USB drive wedding ring was custom ordered by the wife-to-be of a Microsoft game developer. Fittingly, the inscription inside reads, “For a lifetime of memories.”

Are we missing any of your favorite geek wedding rings? Or do you have one of your own you’d like to share with everyone? Then tell us about them in the comments!