11 Geeky Bras

Etsy seller SceeneShoes
Etsy seller SceeneShoes / Etsy seller SceeneShoes

We’ve featured geek wedding dresses, jewelry, tattoos, and shoes, but what about that which lies beneath—the stuff only those special to a particular geek will get to see? Well, don’t worry, there’s plenty of geek lingerie out there, especially in the form of bras, and here are a few of the nerdiest.


Any wannabe companion would thank her lucky stars for Etsy seller tefa23’s adorable TARDIS bra that comes complete with matching panties. And, of course, if bow ties are cool then giant bows on your bra must be really awesome.

2. Batman

Everyone knows Batman kicks butt, but when was the last time he did so on someone’s chest? Thanks to Etsy seller tefa23, now women everywhere can feel the cold “Thwack” of justice falling upon their bosoms.

3. R2D2

While Etsy seller SceeneShoes’ R2D2 bra is adorable, there’s just something wrong with an R2 unit that doesn’t speak in beeps and boops—and something seriously wrong with breasts that make any such noises.

4. Star Fleet Uniform

The great thing about this Star Trek bra is that Etsy seller SceeneShoes didn’t just paint on the communicator badge; she went the extra mile to add in the black contrast coloring that makes the Star Fleet uniforms look so iconic.

5. Mario

The 8-bit style painting on this bra by SceeneShos looks so perfect that it’s hard not to want to grab a controller and make Mario jump on that Goomba.

6. Nintendo Controller

What better way for a lady to tell someone that they push all the right buttons than by busting out this Nintendo controller bra by SceeneShoes?

7. Ninja Turtles

Looking at this bra immediately cues up “Somebody’s Watching Me” in my mind. On the upside, if that somebody happens to be a Ninja Turtle, at least you know someone awesome has your back, so SceeneShoes did a great job making this slightly less creepy than it would have been otherwise.

8. Pokeballs

Yes, we all know what kind of creature will pop out of these Pokeballs, but in many non-battle situations, they’ll be far more effective than choosing any of the standard Pokemon. Great job Redditor szmoon.

9. Star Wars

As if this bra wasn’t cute enough on its own with its ruffled straps and Star Wars fabric, the fact that Etsy seller meganelizabeth31 named it the “Ruffle Alliance” makes it that much more precious.

10. Bam/Pow

If you’ve ever wished your life was more like a comic book, then this Bam/Pow bra by heartmygeek might be the closest you’ll get to having visualized sound effects follow you around.

11. Superman

Do you prefer your men to be Super? Well, meganelizabeth31 still has you covered with this “Bow of Steel” design. Of course, if you really want to show off your supergeeky fashion, you might want to step up to the version with the red ruffle on the top of the cups.