TableTop Day: Game On, March 30

YouTube / GeekAndSundry
YouTube / GeekAndSundry / YouTube / GeekAndSundry

On March 30, you'll find me playing board games as part of International TableTop Day. The effort is headed up by Felicia Day, inspired by Wil Wheaton's "TableTop" YouTube gaming show, and is "a reminder to spend more time and strengthen the bonds with the people who matter most, our friends and family, by playing games together." Sounds like a plan to me!

So what happens on International TableTop Day? Simple: we play tabletop games. They could be board games, role playing games, card games -- whatever you like. The point is to get together with actual human beings in a physical place and play some games, maybe even eat some snacks. There's nothing to buy (unless you happen to buy a game from your local game shop, hint hint), and because people are hosting their own events, plan on most of them being totally family-friendly. (Beware: sometimes the politics of competitive board gaming amongst friends can get tricky!)

Here's Felicia Day introducing International TableTop Day:

If you need help inviting your friends, borrow this creative invitation from Erik Wecks of GeekDad. If you don't know what to play, check out a list of recommendations from Board Game Quest -- or watch Wheaton and friends play popular games on TableTop's YouTube channel.

And where will I be on TableTop Day? I'll be at the most excellent Unplugged Games in Portland, Oregon. Will you join me in supporting a local business, playing games, and eating snacks? I thought so.