Trailer Thursday: Tina Fey, Morgan Freeman and... Lindsay Lohan?!

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Welcome to Trailer Thursday, where we help you decide what to do with your Friday night. Here’s what’s coming out tomorrow.

The Croods

Same old story: Cavegirl meets caveboy. Boy creates fire. The end of the world is imminent. You know how it is. Nicolas Cage plays an overprotective cavedad who isn’t too thrilled that his cave daughter, voiced by Emma Stone, wants to see the world. He’s even less thrilled when she brings a CaveRyan Reynolds home. The good news is that he won’t have to put up with any of it for long, because extinction is just around the corner.

See it if:

  • You liked Madagascar. It’s by the same people.
  • You’re a Cloris Leachman fan. She plays a feisty mother-in-law who is considered extremely old for her time (she’s 45).
  • You always wondered what The Flintstones would be like with Nicolas Cage as family patriarch.


Princeton admissions officer Tina Fey visits a high school run by her former college classmate, Paul Rudd, and finds out that his son may be the child she put up for adoption a long time ago. Also, Wallace Shawn! Lily Tomlin!

See it if:

  • You love Tina Fey. Which is pretty much everyone except Sarah Palin and Taylor Swift.
  • You’re fascinated by the fact that Paul Rudd hasn’t aged since Clueless.
  • You liked About a Boy. Admission is directed by Paul Weitz, who also co-directed the 1998 Hugh Grant movie alongside his brother.

InAPPropriate Comedy

Apparently a tablet containing the most offensive apps ever created causes “cultural anarchy.” See for yourself.

See it if:

  • You’re going to desperately miss seeing Lindsay Lohan while she’s in rehab for the next 90 days.
  • You love seeing Oscar winners fall from grace. Really, Adrien Brody?

That’s really all I can come up with.

Love and Honor

A Vietnam soldier dumped by his girlfriend goes home on his one-week leave to win her back. When he gets there, he finds out that his one true love is a hardcore anti-war protester. Oh yeah, and Liam Hemsworth is there.

See it if:

  • You can’t wait until the next Nicholas Sparks movie comes out.
  • You prefer Gale to Peeta.
  • You’ve been wondering what Julie Taylor has been up to since Friday Night Lights ended (protesting the war, apparently).

Olympus Has Fallen

Gerard Butler is a disgraced Secret Service agent who has been stuck with desk duty. Then terrorists attack the White House, and, unbeknownst to the bad guys, he's the only one left on the inside to save the President. As the Speaker of the House, Morgan Freeman serves as the acting POTUS. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised when the Vice President doesn’t make it.

See it if:

  • You’ve been waiting for another Air Force One. I mean that in a good way.
  • You want a good action movie this weekend. 

Spring Breakers

Faith, Candy, Brit, and Cotty (who totally got the short end of the name stick) rob a convenience store so they can afford to go on Spring Break. That goes alarmingly fine, but then they’re arrested on drug charges while vacationing and a gangster named Alien—played by James Franco, obviously—has to bail them out. The girls are then indebted to him, of course, which means they end up shooting a lot of guns while wearing bikinis. It’s like a hybrid of Sugar and Spice and MTV’s Spring Break circa 1995.

See it if:

  • You thought Sugar and Spice was a cinematic masterpiece.
  • You like Skrillex?
  • You’re fascinated by James Franco. One reviewer said Franco turns in a performance that’s “a cross between Bo Derek in 10 and Richard Kiel in Moonraker."