The Sandlot: Where Are They Now?


Believe it or not, The Sandlot turns a whopping 20 years old today. Yep, those adorable little kids your pre-teen self had a crush on (and/or wanted to be) are all grown up. Here's what the gang is up to these days. Sad truth: none of them went on to play baseball with the Dodgers.

Tom Guiry, AKA Scotty Smalls

FanPop/Getty Images

Scotty “You’re Killing Me” Smalls himself has been consistently busy since his 1993 debut. He had roles in Mystic River and Black Hawk Down, then scored a lead part in NBC’s The Black Donnellys in 2007. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after just a handful of episodes. Guiry was last seen in The Fitzgerald Family Christmas in 2012 with Connie Britton and Edward Burns.

Mike Vitar, AKA Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez


Like his alter ego Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez, Mike Vitar went on to have one of those careers that little boys everywhere dream of having when they grow up. Benny, of course, became a pro ball player with the Dodgers. Vitar became a firefighter with the LAFD. He was honored in 2003 for rescuing fellow firefighters when the roof of a Hollywood Hills home collapsed while they were trying to put the fire out.

Patrick Renna, AKA “Ham” Porter

AMC/Getty Images Patrick

Renna has been acting, most recently, it would appear, in a 2011 short for Funny or Die. You definitely saw him in several other kid-friendly movies in the '90s, though, including Son-in-Law and The Big Green.

Chauncey Leopardi, AKA Squints


After a five-year hiatus from the movie business, the bespectacled Sandlotter is now appearing a movie called Coldwater that was just screened at SXSW. He plays a character named Eddie.

Good news for all of you Squints fans: Leopardi tweets under the name “_squintz,” and he occasionally talks about The Sandlot. But you might expect that from someone whose profile description is "Life & Times of a Childhood Icon". 

Marty York, AKA Yeah-Yeah


Well, he was arrested for domestic violence a couple of years ago, and last year a housekeeper thought she had stumbled upon his dead body in a hotel room in Vegas. (He was just extremely hungover.) York also has a neglected website. Oh, and in 2011, he was in this movie.

Brandon Quintin Adams, AKA Kenny DeNunez


After roles in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Moesha and Sister, Sister, Brandon decided to become a rapper. His stage name is B. Lee., but you can still find him as @BrandonAdams22 on Twitter.

Shane Obedzinski and Victor DiMattia, AKA Tommy “Repeat” Timmons and Timmy Timmons

Both of these actors have kept extremely low profiles since The Sandlot. In fact, Shane stopped acting immediately afterward, and Victor followed in 1995. Looks like Victor has moved behind the scenes instead, working in the sound department, and serving as the production assistant and assistant director in several small films. But Obedzinski? No idea. 

Grant Gelt, AKA Bertram Grover Weeks


Though he continued to act for a few years post-Sandlot, Gelt now works at New Sound Artist Management in L.A. You can see him talking about that here.

Denis Leary AKA Bill

TRCommons/Getty Images

Denis Leary, you’ve probably noticed, has been doing just fine since The Sandlot. Among his projects: Ice Age and all of its sequels, Rescue Me, the Leary Firefighters Foundation and several comedy albums.

Karen Allen, AKA Mom

Yifi/Getty Images

Everyone heralded Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Karen Allen's big return, but the truth is, she hasn't really stopped working ever since her career took off in the '80s. Most of her projects since The Sandlot have been smaller-scale—appearances on Law & Order, a few TV movies, small parts in The Perfect Storm and In the Bedroom—but she's been around. Allen, a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, also runs a fiber arts store in Great Barrington, MA. 

Marley Shelton, AKA Wendy Peffercorn

SportsNirvana/Getty Images

Arguably the most successful of the kids, the erstwhile Wendy Peffercorn has been steadily working since The Sandlot put her on the map 20 years ago. Her film credits include Grindhouse, Sin City, Scream 4, Pleasantville. Yeah, she totally knows what she’s doing.