This Bagel Lets You Have Your Coffee and Eat It, Too

Einstein Bros.
Einstein Bros. / Einstein Bros.

Some mornings, one cup of coffee just doesn't cut it. Luckily for caffeine fiends, Einstein Bros. Bagels has introduced a new Espresso Buzz Bagel, to give your brain an extra boost.

As Uproxx reports, the company’s caffeine-packed bagel is made from espresso and coffee-cherry flour. It’s part of Einstein Bros.' new Boosted Bagels menu, which also includes Cherry Chia and Savory Parm flavors. All three “contain beneficial vitamins and functional ingredients that help guests kickstart their day,” according to a press release. For now, the Boosted Bagels are limited-edition menu items, but they might become permanent if enough customers like them.

Jittery java lovers may love the idea of a caffeinated bagel, but does the Espresso Buzz Bagel actually deliver? Each one contains 32 milligrams of caffeine—about a third of what you’d find in a typical 8-ounce cup—so you’ll likely need to scarf down several to score that coveted energy spike. But if you’re experiencing a midday slump and don’t want to down a full cup of Joe, a single Boosted Bagel might perk you up.

According to Einstein Bros., they created the Boosted Bagel to entice Millennial customers, many of whom are artisanal coffee drinkers. That said, you probably don’t have to be a beverage snob to appreciate the bagel, thanks to the popularity of hybrid foods, the trendiness of caffeinated items, and the sheer novelty of having your coffee and eating it, too.

[h/t Uproxx]